3/30/2015-ACTING-First Two Days Filming on Short Film ‘G. Khan’ Complete

-03/28/2015-My first day filming on the short film ‘G. Khan’ by Desolatte Productions. I was contacted by director Lee Wilson directly in regards to playing the role of ‘Genghis Khan’ in this. He sent me the script and I liked it a lot. They were also filming in Syracuse, so that’s a plus for me currently. I did costume fitting the day before and was ready to go this day.

-We basically filmed in one the buildings at SU (SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY). I was the only cast member filming on this day. There were six people total on the crew. With Lee Wilson were Garrett Braddock, Zach Eisen, Becky Drootin, Prash Samputhkamaran (who I met during filming on ‘The Ferryman’ last year & recommended me for this-thanks! ) and Josh Podrid. I got into the outfit and yes, that was a fake stache I’m wearing, courtesy of spirit gum. 🙂 Everything went great, although we did fall a little behind schedule. Outside of my helmet having some wardrobe malfunction moments (it even fit on my watermelon head), things ran pretty smooth.

-03/29/2015-Next day of filming was again at SU. This time we had another cast member there-Tim Wood who plays ‘Beethoven.’ Things ran pretty well today too, although I still don’t know how to use a French press to make coffee 🙂 Had my fill of ‘Swedish Fish’ this day (you have to see the film to know what I mean 🙂 ). Helmet was still malfunctioning a tad but I didn’t have to wear it as much. There were a couple of times where some improv came into the lines and I think I came up with a few good ones 🙂 Believe it or not, even with spirit gum on, I was heating up and towards the end the stache came loose and fell off just before I had to do some shots for the promo poster. Some of those shots were pretty goofy, but when you see the film you’ll see why. 🙂 We got a lot done today, but still a little behind. Hope to have this all wrapped up by next weekend. Follow how things go with ‘G. Khan’ on Twitter via the link below.


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