12/31/2014-UPDATES-2014 Year In Review (and this a long one) :)

-Well, here we are on the last hours of 2014 and here I am with what looks to be a very LONG post-y’all been warned πŸ™‚ I’ve been doing these year in review things off & on since the My Space days, initially doing them via the CAROLINE BLUE page and now here. This year I’m adding video clips to the year in review post, but even without those it’s still going to be long. Just a heads up for all three of you that will be reading / watching this (HA!) πŸ™‚

-In general, this was a better year for me than 2013-which was a very hard year for me on several levels. Right off the bat, the highlight of this year started on March 9. That was the day I got into a relationship with my girlfriend Debbie, who has given me more love and support than I thought possible-even with all the BS involved in being with a guy like me. Now that says something! πŸ™‚ Things with us just keep getting stronger and I forsee even more of that in 2015.

-One thing to note before I continue. Every year, as is obvious, people we know (and don’t know) pass on. To be blunt, they die. It’s part of life. The longer you live, the more you will see people around you passing on. Every year the passing of celebrities gets a lot of attention and some of my favorites like Robin Williams and The Ultimate Warrior passed in 2014. People I’ve known have passed in previous years, but few-outside of various pets in my life-hit me as hard as the sudden passing of Charity Bagalonis Potter, a person I worked with for 10 years at a previous job. (In a sad coincidence, another hard loss was in last November with the passing of Art Bennett). These were people that I would interact with daily for a long period of time, and to think that they are now gone-I have to admit it’s hard for me to wrap my mind around it and move on. But I have to. It’s a stark reminder that, not only do we only have so much time in life to do what we can, but it also, IMO, causes one to take a closer look at current priorities. I foresee a lot of changes in my life in the coming years..

-Musically, not much happened per se. Acting, and more, currently take up my time, but that doesn’t mean things aren’t happening. As I mentioned last year, there are A LOT of holes in the “good ship” CAROLINE BLUE and I’ve been fixing them as time permits. The main site is about 50% re-done as of today. Carting that thing over is a herculean task-especially when you consider it’s about three times the size of my personal site (for those who are reading this elsewhere, you can see visit my personal site HERE ). There are several things in the works so hopefully all these plans will start to emerge in 2015.
-I was late to the station so to speak but I did get onto Instagram. Below are the links to my page as well as CB’s if you’d like to follow.



-On the acting front, this was an interesting year. On the one hand I wasn’t in as many projects as, say, 2012. On the other hand, most of the projects this year were of the lead / main support variety and not that many featured / extra roles. I’ll take that πŸ™‚ Here’s a brief recap of what I did in with acting in 2014-BTW, here’s where the videos come in πŸ™‚

-2014 started with me finishing up filming on “Slade Collins & The Tree of Life” by MAD ANGEL FILMS. This involved a slugfest between me, as General Czar, and lead actor Ryan Santiago, as Slade. Our fight was in the cold (while we wore summer clothes) and, if that wasn’t hard enough, also on icy ground. I got some bruises out of it, but it was worth it. Slade 1 premiered later on in October and should hopefully be available for sale online in 2015. Here’s the trailer for “Slade Collins & The Tree of Life.”

-Hot on the heels of filming that was the start on the next Slade film “Slade Collins 2: In & Out of Time” in February for a day, then the rest in May. This involved me playing the role of WWII US Army Captain James T. Morris-complete with Clark Gable mustache and a southern accent (not to mention his knack for saying cornball phrases). πŸ™‚ So far, this has been one of my most challenging roles to date (more coming up in a moment) for several reasons-in part, cause Morris is the “comic relief” of the film. Yeah, the guy who plays all the bad guys and does all this cruel stuff now has to try to make people laugh. Guess we’ll all have to see how I did when this comes out-hopefully sometime in 2015. (filming is almost done, but still ongoing as of this time).

-January also saw the start of me filming as “Jake” / The Killer in a short film called DYING TO SURVIVE by JD FILM. Originally to be a feature film, it was shrunk down to just under 20 minutes. In addition, most of the dialogue got scrapped, resulting in an almost music video viewing experience. It was released online in April. The full short film can be seen below.

-Another short film I did last December was released in January. This was “Memory” by Short Circuit Productions up at Syracuse University. In this I played the role of “Mark”-a concerned father. Below is the video for the full short film.

-In March I was cast in another short film called “Dice,” but then later released as my part was being done via animation. I was going to play an Orc. That would’ve been interesting. πŸ™‚ I did get cast in another short film called “The Ferryman” by Golden City Films-also done at SU. In this I play the role of “Buddy”-who’s better know as “The Ferryman.” Filming was done over a three day period and below is a teaser / trailer for it.

“The Ferryman” (2014) Teaser from Josef Abramov on Vimeo.

-March also saw a lot of press being generated via online horror sites for the feature film NIGHT OF SOMETHING STRANGE by WLPFilms / SRS CINEMA LLC / VIRTUAL INTERACTIVE. I play the lead zombie “Corneilus” in this. To date, this was still the hardest project I’ve ever worked on, although another on from this year came kinda close πŸ™‚ Below is a teaser clip for NoSS. Filming was basically done n 2012-maybe it will be released in 2015?

-April saw the release of a teaser clip from NATURE OF THE BEAST by RISING FYRE PRODUCTIONS. Principle photgraphy hasn’t started on this yet, but will be done outside of NY state when it does. I’m slated to play the role of “Jake”-a goth rock singer who’s ex-girlfriend happens to be the main lead of the film. As an idea of how long some things can take to be done, I was originally brought into this role back in 2013. Hopefully filming will start sometime in 2015.

-In May I started filming on a feature film called “Zillafoot” by SRS CINEMA LLC. I played the role of “Dr. Mosku” in this ode to classic Godzilla / Ultraman films out in PA. I got a chance to speak in “English Dub” and also did some more mustache work πŸ™‚ This was stretch role for me and was a lot of fun. Again, I played the comic relief so time will tell if I hit the mark πŸ™‚

-I was also granted an interview on the ARTS ILLUSTRATED page, which complements the interview I did last year with Azriel Mordecai nicely. Both can be read via the links below.



-I also start filming on one of the entries’ to Ron Bonk’s “Empire of the Dead” short film contest via “Locked-In” by HEWITT FILMS. Another stretch / challenging role-this time as “Knife”, a comic relief role who looks like a reject from an Alfalfa talent show (HA!). Unfortunately, this one didn’t make it in time for the contest, so Brian released it online. Check out via the video below.

-The other film entry was from MAD ANGEL FILMS called “Blessed Are The Meek” where I played the role of crazed killer “Draven”-who not only shuffled personalities and voices, but also wore skull makeup to boot. Another challenging role for me cause I envisioned myself being kinda like a “Joker-lite” with this. I’m happy to say that BATM was one of the finalists in the contest and will be part of the “Empire of the Dead” DVD to be released, hopefully, in 2015. Here’s a link to some of the pics from the shoot.


-A quick note, “Blessed Are The Meek” was shown at the 2014 SCARE A CON Convention in Syracuse, NY along with a short film I did last year called BRIARWOOD by Crow Farm Films. While BATM isn’t online, Briarwood via a teaser. I play the role of a nerdy killer named “Hunter” in this.

Briarwood Teaser Trailer from Ryan Farmer on Vimeo.

-I also made an uncredited appearance in the short film “The Switch” by WATCHWORK STUDIOS. This basically had some clips from a promo video I did for the film “Iris” which hasn’t been released yet. You can watch “The Switch” below.

-June saw me doing my last mustached πŸ™‚ role of 2014 as a bouncer in a music video for the band HOBO GRAFITTI for the song “Landing” by Z PRODUCTIONZ. Last I knew, they were still had some scenes left to film before post production and release. I played the role of a bouncer who throws the main lead out of a bar in this.

-The release of Season 2, Episode 5 from SUPER KNOCKED UP by Knightsfall Productions was released in July. I’m briefly seen as the super villain “Rampage” towards the end. No word yet in regards to filming with Season 3. Below is a clip of the episode.

-The mustache disappeared just in time for me to start filming on “Mind Sifter” for STAR TREK NEW VOYAGES PHASE 2. I reprised my role as Ensign Dawson Walking Bear in this episode-which was released in full earlier this month. This is my first premiere in a full episode by STNVP2.

-I also finished up some final filming on TALES OF DRACULA by WOLFBAIN PRODUCTIONS. I play the role of “Dracula” in this. In addition, on the last day filming, I was filmed for an interview-which can be seen only on their Facebook page. Below is the trailer of the film. This is set to be released in 2015. In addition, I know there’s a sequel planned cause I kinda already did a little filming for it πŸ™‚ A pic of me as Dracula made it’s way to UK horror magazine SCREAMER which I posted on my Instagram page.

-In August I was on the set of the remake of the first film by MAD ANGEL FILMS “Brackish.” I play the evil demon “Merlock” in this. Earlier I mentioned a film that came kinda close to taking the hardest time I had filming award from NoSS-this was it, with a film shoot that lasted over 24 hours and me wearing special FX contacts in addition to latex and blood all over my face-and then having to take that off to film a part where I’m basically clean shaven. I think I slept over 24 hours when I got home from that one. This one is set to be released in 2015.

-Then I did a featured role in the feature film AKA ALICE by SAGE CAT MEDIA. I play the role of “Bryce,” an enforcer who gets into a fight with one of the main cast. If you blink, you’ll miss me in this teaser clip of the film below.

-Rounding out October was me reprising my role as “Hoarce Merkins” in the feature horror film THE DOLLMAKER by Monstrous Entertainment / Stealing Shade Productions. They decided to re-shoot the entire film with a mostly brand new cast and was fortunate enough to still be included.

-One final thing with acting. 2014 also saw the released of two movies I was in on DVD which can be purchased via links on the STORE page. The first one is called IMPOSSIBLE CHOICE by Media Artists Inc., where I play some extra roles and the other is “Half Dead” by MAD ANGEL FILMS. In this I play the role of “Vox the Enforcer.” Below is a clip of the trailer as well as a wonderful little interview I did which, as you may or may not know, was 100% improvised on the spot. Happy viewing πŸ™‚

-So how’s that for being long? Told ya. πŸ™‚ Hopefully 2015 will see the release of the following projects I was involved in…

-Slow Food / Night Of Something Strange / She Kills / To Have & To Hold / Crimson Moon / The Challenger / Transformation / The Dollmaker / Iris / Tales Of Dracula / Episodes The Holiest Thing and Bread & Savagery by STNVP2 / Losing Grace / The Ferryman / Zillafoot / Landing music video / Briarwood / Blessed Are The Meek / Brackish / AKA Alice.

-As it may come to no surprise, I’m already in talks in regards to new filming projects for 2015. I’m aiming for the CAROLINE BLUE site to be re-launched this year, as well as some new music videos, maybe some shows and, if I’m focused enough, some new music πŸ™‚ Looking forward to climbing higher in all areas of my life in 2015. I’ve met a lot of great people in 2014 and want to say thank you to all the people who support all the various projects I get involved in. It means more than you’ll ever know. Special kudos for my folks and my lady Le Deb

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