9/17/2014-ACTING-Pics / Recap From Last Weekend’s Filming On “Brackish”

(Pic by Matt Peters)

-09/13-14/2014-And here I am for what was to be my last days filming on “Brackish.” Coming in two days prior with only, at times, 3-4 hours of sleep within the last two days, I met up with some of the cast and producer Matt Peters at Scare-A-Con in Turning Stone Casino in Verona, NY so we could see the premiere of “Blessed Are The Meek”-a short film I did with Matt and one of several shorts to be included in a DVD compilation called “Empire of the Dead.” I’d also be car pooling and we were scheduled to head out to location to filming right after the films were done. I kinda caused a delay with that due to running into people and talking. I unfortunately was unable to visit several other people I knew here, but that’s one of the things that happens with filming (note-I’ve also missed several premieres of projects I’m in due to the filming commitments on the same day ).

-We then went to the first location in Chittenango only to find out that, due to bees swarming around (Matt got stung by one when it flew up his nose (!) ) , we had to postpone filming that scene till the next day. Then the rest of the cast / crew arrived and I got to play evil cult leader (someone said I look like “Evil” (David Warner) from the movie “Time Bandits”). Being upstairs in a loft that was a little unstable was interesting. πŸ™‚

-Then it was off to a barn in Utica for the next part-where I was to transform into a demon. It took awhile to get everything on and such-we didn’t start filming till around 3-4 AM I believe. Call for the next day was to be at 6 AM and , at 6:15, we were still filming. Everyone here basically found out that, the more tired I get, the more bad jokes I spew forth πŸ™‚ I can’t say what I was doing in the scene, but can say with the way I was using my voice and all the screaming I was doing-I almost threw out my voice. That was a trip. I felt bad for both Charity B. & Ryan S. (especially) cause they had to fall on jagged stone ground several times. I also had to have fake blood in my mouth a lot-which no one knew if it was toxic or not (didn’t say either way on the container). So after the scene was done, I spent the next half hour or so rinsing and spitting out reddish liquid-what a pleasure huh? Couldn’t really eat anything till I got the appliance off my face anyways.

-We then went to this one rocky mountainous area in Little Falls for some quick filming. I’m so glad I brought my glasses cause the pathway to the location was quite steep and one false step and I could’ve really hurt myself. I only had one quick thing to film here-took maybe five minutes at most. After this, we went over to one of the actresses place to shower-cause we still had filming to do. While I did nod off a few times in the car, I couldn’t really go to sleep cause I was wearing special FX contacts so..
-Then it was back to the Utica barn to film that scene that got postponed due to the bees. We all had to be cleaned up for that so that was interesting. I actually had to stop a few times due to throat soreness but I got thru it. Then it was all done for this time. I still had one more scene to do-which will have to be done at some future date. Everyone did a great job. This was an endurance test for all of us. I hope the footage came out good.

-I had to pull over twice on the thruway to take power naps in the car. Drove to my girlfriend’s place and collapse in bed till basically the next day. What a way to spend a weekend huh? πŸ™‚ Pics can be seen on my acting page on Facebook.


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