8/25/2014-ACTING-Pics / Recap From Filming With “AKA Alice” Now Online

-8/23/2014-Today was my first and only day filming on ” AKA ALICE “-a feature film by SAGE CAT MEDIA. The role I’m playing is an enforcer named “Bryce. As you can see, he uses a whip. I basically had a couple of dialogue scenes as well as some fight scenes. Producer Erik Scherb had the fights choreographed out so that was good. The fights were actually pretty intense-especially the first one with me and actor Mark Taylor. I haven’t seen the footage but it sure felt like we both sold the action on that one. All the filming went by relatively quick and everyone did a great job. Filming was done at the Cayo Industrial Horror Realm in Utica, NY-which was an awesome location. However, because of that, no pics were allowed to be taken on set, hence the lack of pics from me. I had a great time and hope everything goes as smoothly and quickly for the rest of their filming as it did on this day. Pics are now up on my acting page on Facebook.


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