7/14/2014-ACTING-Zombie Short Film “Locked In” Released

-Filmed in June 2014, this is a zombie short film by HEWITT FILMS originally to be submitted for a film contest by SRS CINEMA LLC. I presume it wasn’t cause it was released Saturday night so…I play the role of “Knife” in this. A different type of role for me cause he is quite the stereotypical nerd (my “type” is usually that of the bad guy / villain / killer ) so this was basically a stretch for me. I had a lot of fun with the role and had a great time working with a great cast and crew. Below is a recap I did shortly after filming. Pics can now be seen on my acting page on Facebook. Enjoy 🙂

-6/16/2014-Later this day I went down to a bar named Pooches to film in “Locked In”-a zombie short film by Hewitt Films. Directing this would be Anwar Armstrong. I played the role of “Knife” (or “Knife-Man”)-a computer nerd basically. I went thru a few ideas in terms of the way I wanted to look and sound-even temp. dyed my hair dirty blonde at one point. In the end, I went with a look that makes me look like an Alfalfa wanna-be and sounding a little like someone I actually know 🙂

– In this, I’m basically in victim as well as nerd mode-which is quite different from my usual villain role. I think I did fine-the other guys were laughing at my expense from time to time, which was cool. I did have fun playing this. It did rain a little outside so that delayed filming for awhile, but we got this all down in a day-even got to eat some stew 🙂 I did get slightly injured towards the end. If you see the pics of my finger, that’s real blood coming out. No worries. Also got a nice scratch on my left wrist that drew blood.

-In addition, when I arrived, I immediately had a wardrobe malfunction with the suspenders. Luckily I brought a spare. At times we’d be outside taking a break and / or getting some fresh air and we’d get the strangest looks. It was great working with all the other guys in this and hopefully, this will be out before year’s end.


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