5/27/2014-ACTING-Filming Resumes With “Slade Collins 2:In & Out of Time”

-05/24/2014-Three months later and I’m back for more filming. We went to a couple of different locations today. I didn’t do too much on this day, but it was still cool to hang out. Got to meet some new people as well. The first location was this older historical place which was a trip to be in. The second was like some abandoned mall / bar place-Utica seems to have a lot of places in ruin… The ground was kinda grimy-made worse when it briefly rained and even hailed. The rain was off and on and, towards the end, filming had to be stopped short because of it. I was originally given a helmet with a strap this time, but since it didn’t fit and I couldn’t find another one that did, I eventually wore the one I had in February. Glad I was still able to fit into my uniform and I think I got the stache close enough to the way it was in February. This was a long day and a lot got done.

-05/25/2014-Another long day of filming. Originally we were going to go to Syracuse to film after stuff in Utica, but that got changed and, unfortunately, we didn’t get all the stuff done. This was a hotter day than yesterday. Remember me talking about the cold and having three layers of clothing on earlier this year? Well, now it’s working against me. One of my longer dialogue scenes was today and hopefully I hit my mark. I kinda throw off the helmet when I do that and what was left of the strap broke off. Then I had to do a short fight scene. Outside of a small cut on my pinky, no injuries. My prop pistol in my holster got smashed up though. I was basically done filming for the day after the fight scene, but since I carpooled, I was there till the end. Yesterday was like that as well. No worries from me-I even got to do a little crew work 🙂 Everyone did great these past two days and we have more filming this coming weekend.

-Pics from last weekend’s filming on “Slade Collins 2:In & Out of Time” can now be seen on my acting page on Facebook.


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