11/1/2013-ACTING-Last Night with Booville in B’Ville

-I’ve been a little lax when it comes to updating in here what’s been happening but I’ll do a basic sum up of my time at BOOVILLE.

-There were 3 haunted houses in Booville-The Cage, The Attic & The Incinerator. For the most part, I was in The Attic. My station was usually at the end where I appear from behind a door disguised as a wall. Basically one last scare before people left. This was right next to the station in The Incinerator where the chainsaw guy “attacks” people-good thing that was closest to my deaf ear…. One time in The Attic I basically roamed the 2nd half of it as a set up for the other monsters (people would be distracted by me and then the other monsters would suddenly appear). I forgot my flashlight this night and, as a result, I slammed into the walls of the maze several times so yes, I can relate to what people went thru there :)…Another night in The Attic, I was in this dark room towards the start with constant strobes going on. between that and the fog, things could get disoriented at times. When I got the timing right, I could get some people real good. I freaked out this one woman and after a quick recover, punched me in the chest! Not too hard though…

-My last night there they were short of people so I was put towards the start of The Incinerator-near a small maze that had a chain link fence on one side. Instead of one “hit” like in The Attic, I now had to do 3 or 4 per run. As you can see via the pics, one time I got a little too into it (as I’m prone to do) when throwing myself against the fence. As a result, my head hit the fence as well. The Horace mask is made of fiberglass with no padding on the inside so that left a mark for awhile…and I had to do filming the next morning. I also got caught on something which left a nice red mark on my ribs. Between the strobes, darkness, fog and constant banging, there was a lot of disorientation. One woman walked right by me and walked right into a wall. 🙂

-Those of you who went to SWAMP ROAD TERROR last year may recall the doll I carried around while making my rounds. It had a lot of character but I didn’t see her this year so during my 2nd weekend I found “Headly” who got a better reaction than the power drill I was wielding the first week. “Headly” also proved to be quite the lady killer at times 🙂

-I also took part where the “Welcome to Baldwinsville” sign was temp. replaced by “Welcome to Booville”, as well as the mayor of Baldwinsville officially opening Booville. I was also working when 3 of the bands played there-POUR WHYTE TRASH, KAT TALE & UNDER THE GUN. A lot of fun and a lot of hard work was done with all the days on here. I’m glad to have the opportunity to work with a great group of people here and looking forward to seeing what they’ll be coming up with for next year. Pics / recaps from my time in Booville 2013 are on my acting page on Facebook.


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