10/12/2013-ACTING-Last Night with “Night of the Living Dead”

-Last night of the show. It’s always kinda bittersweet at the end of filming and with a theater run, the feeling is the same. This night, to me, was the best out of the three. Having said that, here’s the bloopers… πŸ™‚

-The board I used to hit Debbie actually broke BEFORE it hit her head

-STILL didn’t get all the boards up, but it was the most yet-only 1-2 needed on the right window. Did get out in time for next cue.

-When the zombie attacks me thru the window, Tom grabs a hammer and hits the zombie 3 times, freeing me. I then grab the rifle nearby and shoot. This night, the gunfire went off while Tom was still hammering the zombie-and he accidentally actually hit him with it (not hard). So the shots went off and you can clearly see I’m not holding the rifle. Guess Tom had a “nail gun” πŸ™‚

-After the truck explodes, I come charging back in the house and me and Alex are putting up the boards on the door. Just before we finish, the boards on the stage right window fall off by themselves…

-A delay in the gun shot in the fight w/ me and Harry, but it wasn’t that long.

-At the end, when Jay is to shoot me there was a delay. Luckily, I was prepared for it this time πŸ™‚

-Overall it was a fun night and the energy was pretty high on this. This night had the largest crowd. It’s too bad all the shows couldn’t be filmed. It would be fun to watch again.

-I want to give a big thanks to all the cast and crew that were involved-and extra thanks to director Jay Salsberg for asking me to do this. There was a lot of pressure for me on this admittedly. Not only due to the number of lines I had to say as one of the lead roles, but just the fact that I have little theater experience. It’s different than film acting. I knew that, but I did learn a number of things from this that I know will help me with what I do. Plus, I actually played a good guy this time-how’s that? πŸ™‚ Pics / recaps from all three nights are on my acting page on Facebook.


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