10/6/2013-ACTING-Recap First Weekend with Booville in B’Ville Plus Filming with “Transformation”

-As some of you may know, last October I helped out with SWAMP ROAD TERROR. There was a tie in with my role as Horace Merkins from the film “THE DOLLMAKER.” This year SRT turned into “BOOVILLE IN BVILLE” and I am again reprising my role as Horace for this (not all the time though due to prior commitments so if you see “Horace”, it might not be me) .

-The 1st set of pics were taken a week or so before opening weekend. I was being briefed on what it was I had to do and given a little tour. There are three haunted houses to go thru (The Attic, The Cage & The Incinerator) plus this is all indoors so the weather won’t be a factor. In addition, they also have live bands playing, venders, kids days and much more. Check out their website and page on Facebook for more info.

-I had a good time with my first week. I accidentally broke one of the props last night. Seems like I can’t be in any production without either hurting myself, others and / or property 🙂 . Got some people really good too. One woman said she peed her pants 🙂 A number of people liked the Horace mask. Earlier today I was part of the cast of monsters that accompanied Baldwinsville Mayor Joe Sariceni in temporarily changing the “Welcome to Baldwinsville” sign to “Welcome to Booville” as well as a ribbon cutting ceremony declaring Booville to now be open. Pics can be seen on my page on Facebook.

-As stated above, due to scheduling I won’t always be there. This coming week I’m in a theater production of “Night of the Living Dead” in Rome, NY (I’m playing the role of “Ben”) so I won’t be there, but Horace will…. 🙂

-I also did some quick filming with Brian Hewitt for the film “Transformation” by HEWITT FILMS. This is getting closer to being done. Hopefully I’ll be wrapped with this by the end of the month.


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