10/1/2013-ACTING-Recap From RoberCON Roberson SciFi Convention

-Here’s my little recap of the 2013 RoberCON Roberson SciFi Convention in Binghamton, NY on Sunday Sept. 29. I was with the “Tales of Dracula” group and was on of the cast seated in front of a display which included an actual coffin (which I can’t fit in) and a large TV screen which showed not only the movie trailer, but also behind the scenes still pics. I tried to take a few but they got over saturated. Oh well…

-I arrived with Cassie H. and, with Greta V., met director Joe DeMuro and we were brought to the table-which was on the top floor of the building. There were four of us at the table. They was me (Dracula), Tom Delillo (The Wolfman), and two of Dracula’s Brides (Greta Volkova & Laura Brink). Cassie also was signing stuff too. We had lobby cards with a pic of each of us for each person and we were signing then for free to anyone who wanted one. In addition, there was a raffle going on for 6 original oil paintings made by Ron Chamberlain-the man who did all the FX and makeup for the film. We also all (at the table) wearing Wolfbain Production t-shirts.

-We were basically there from 9 AM to 4 AM. People would come in waves. Some times there was no one for awhile, then a few, then a group of people. I didn’t keep accurate count, but I believe I signed at least 50 of those lobby cards. Met a lot of
very cool people and made some new contacts. I mostly stayed at the Tales table (at least till the end) so I didn’t really get to see much of the rest of the Con. I was told they had over 1,100 people here. A lot of people were all dressed up in various costumes-which was a blast to see. We even had some belly dancers do a performance near our table. The response to what we were doing and the trailer was overwhelmingly positive.

-I did a short video interview for the CON MEN WEB SERIES which was cool to do. Their FB page is at Hopefully that will be up soon. Our table also got interviewed and filmed by one of the Binghamton TV News crews so hopefully we’ll get to see that soon as well.

-It was a long day but I had a great time and felt very fortunate to have been included in this. Thanks to all my fellow cast, crew & production team from “Tales of Dracula.” I know there’s at least a few more cons that we might be doing in 2014. Thanks also to the RoberCON staff for putting this up and a huge thanks to all the people who came over to our table-even if it was just for the free candy 🙂 My camera broke down so I had to use my phone camera, so I also included some of the pics Greta & Cassie took. Pics are up on my page on Facebook. Enjoy!


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