9/1/2013-ACTING-Wrapped Up Filming with “The Crimson Moon” + Filming on “Losing Grace”

-Yesterday I finished up filming on “The Crimson Moon” (originally “The Devil’s Hand”-I play the role of Victor-a vampire) and also filmed on a short film called “Losing Grace.” Here’s the recaps…

-8/31/2013-No, that’s not a typo. It’s been almost 2 years since I did filming for this. A number of things have changed with this since them. Most notably, this is now called “The Crimson Moon.” Producer Matt Peters wanted to extend this to feature-length so he took what we had for this and combined it with an earlier, albeit unfinished short film called “The Crimson Moon.” Some stuff was added to my remaining scenes, some taken out. What happens to me at the end has changed-and that’s all I can say about that. 🙂

-Obviously, my biggest concern was if I could pull this off. I’m a little bigger than I was back in 2011. I’m 15+ lbs heavier for one thing. To my surprise, the outfit still fit so that was good. The wig was a little ragged. After seeing some of the pics after we filmed and finding out that wigs do deteriorate, I probably should have bought a brand new one for this shoot. Live and learn right? Hope it was good enough.

-This was done on a very humid day and with me wearing 3 layers of clothing-oh boy! 🙂 The location was as charming as it was back in 2011 🙂 We even saw a spider whose body was the size of my thumb. Not just the fingernail, but the whole thumb. We got stuff done pretty quick though. This was also Cassie Hayes’ 1st filming with Mad Angel Films and she did very well. Wait till you see what we had to do 🙂

-So after all this time, I’m wrapped on this one-barring any pic ups. Hope everything went well and look forward to adding this to my DVD collection.

8/31/2013-This was the 2nd thing I filmed on this day (the first being “The Crimson Moon” earlier). This is a story created by Cassandra Hayes and I was asked to do this weeks earlier. I play the role of “Father Casey”-a priest. I can’t really say what the story is about. I can say that my hands got quite bloody-as you can see from the pics-mainly from handing feathers multiple times. At least I wasn’t thirsty thru all this 🙂 Was that real alcohol in that bottle? Who knows? *hiccup* 🙂

Filming for this went rather quick-about an hour I’d say. It seemed to take me longer in handling those feathers. Blood is sticky ya know. 🙂 It was actually trickier to take them off than putting them on.

– It was a nice little role and I had fun playing it. Me and Cassie spent the night at Covey Manor. It’s been awhile since I spent a full day filming. Looking forward to see this all finished. Pics are now up on my acting page on Facebook.


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