4/6/2013-ACTING-Premiere of “Battledogs” on SyFy Channel Tonight at 9 PM (EST)

-Tonight at 9 PM on the SyFy Channel is the premiere of the TV Movie “Battledogs.” (formerly known as “Wards Island.”) Produced by Chris Olen Ray and directed by Alexander Yellen. This movie stars Arianna Richards (the little girl from “Jurassic Park”), Ernie Hudson (“Ghostbusters”), Dennis Haysbert (“24”), Kate Vernon (“Battlestar Galactica”), Craig Sheffer (“Hellraiser:Inferno”, “CSI”), Wes Studi (“Last of the Mohicans”), Bill Duke (“Predator”) and Debbie Rochon (“Tromeo & Juliet”).

-The days I filmed were on September 16, 17, 22, 23 & October 4 & 5 2012 in Buffalo, NY. I played a number of extra roles-including the following: Contagious (one infected w/ the werewolf virus), Soldier, SWAT member, protester, airport passenger and victim. It’s kinda funny cause during the last 2 days, producer Christopher Olen said to me “Damn, you’re everywhere in this.” 🙂 I even had to be put in “time out” a few times cause I’d been used so much previously. Hopefully this means that I made it into the final cut. 🙂 With extra work, you’re mainly in the background but at times one may get some face time. Here’s the low down of what I did (this also will help me see if, in the following scenes, I made it to the final cut of these scenes…

1)-Scene where there are protesters on one side of a chain fence. I was in the back (height) with my hoodie over my head yelling like all the others were at the soldiers on the other side.

2)-Scene walking on a bridge. I was with a group of the contagious-all dressed in black scrubs with hair down (and quite messed up I might add). Ahead of us (2 people ahead) of me was one of the main stars of the film Arianna Richards (known for playing the little girl in the film “Jurassic Park”) .

3)-Scene as a soldier. Hair in cap (which barely fit I might add-apparently, my head is too big for the caps they had here and I had to try out several to get one that fit albeit tightly. It’s the scene where a large group of soldiers are in a field fighting a huge group of werewolfs (all in CGI so that was interesting to do). One distinction is only me and one other had no jackets on-just tan tshirts). Also only me and another had riot shields-but the other guy had a cameo jacket on. I was told that there were also going to be “CGI soldiers” added to us. We had to charge across a field multiple times on this (I’d say at least 10-12 times, maybe more). Then towards the end we had the fight scenes and the death scenes. I know when doing the fight scene , because I had the riot shield, I felt kinda like I was fighting like Captain America. This might have been captured cause I was one of the last of the soldiers to get killed. However, I was far from the camera and there were others in the line of sight so I may have been blocked. It’s interesting having to put your all in a fight against an imaginary opponent 🙂

4)-Scene in airport. Arianna Richards is coming thru the gate and walking thru the area. I’m wearing a darker red shirt and jeans with my hair in a ponytail. In this scene I’m just sitting in one of the chairs talking to another passenger.

5)-Same area and dress up as #4. This time, a werewolf has started attacking in the airport and I’m one of many basically running for their lives trying to get out of there. This was in 2 sections. One is a side shot in the upper area (you can very briefly see me in the trailer with this one). The other part is downstairs running for the main doors. I was set up in the front which , for one take was interesting. Why you ask? Well, you may ask 🙂 In one take, I got a little ahead of everyone and reached the automatic doors 1st. Problem was the doors weren’t opening a huge swarm of people were right behind me rushing in! Luckily I pulled the doors open in time to avoid being crushed.

6)-Scene which is the aftermath of the werewolf attacks in the airport. Bodies are everywhere and I was randomly placed for a few shots.

7)-Same as #6. However, this one was a scene with Arianna Richards in it. I was to the right of her–a little distant, but I had my hair down and my shirt off lying on the ground, not dead. Basically, at this point I was one of the Contagious and this is happening before the scene in #2.

8)-Scene where SWAT members are arriving at the airport. I’m in the scene where the cars are out front and they’re just about ready to go in. I’m wearing SWAT gear and a cap. I was in the car next to the JFK truck that pulls in (car on the truck’s left) and the SWAT guy who was in the front passenger side holding an assault rifle. I was suppose to also be one of the SWAT guys coming out of the SWAT van but I got injured and had to be taken out of that scene.

9)-Even injured, I got to do something. This was still in the airport. I was playing a victim. Hair pulled back, shirt ripped and blood on me. Shirt was blue.

10)-Scene where the Contagious are all in a huge area just wandering around aimlessly. I was in several shots-some close some far.

11)-Same as #10. However, it was a closer shot of 2 doctors talking while going thru a crowd of Contagious. I was facing the camera as it went by. I was talking to a woman who just happened to be actress Debbie Rochon.

12)-Same as #10. When Arianna Richards is being questioned and all hell breaks loose. I’m one of the Contagious in the background.

13)-Scene where the Contagious (from #2) are being brought to “Wards Island” for containment. I’m in soldier gear wearing a cap that was so tight I was actually getting a tension headache from it. The things one must do right? 🙂 I was one of the soldiers that was near the assault vehicles as well as the one near the entrance where they all come in for indoctrination. The AD came up to me and told me he thought it was funny that I was in the scene where the Contagious are being marched to Wards Island (#2) and now here I am, “greeting” myself as they are going in 🙂

14)-Scene outside Wards Island where actor Wes Studi is giving some commands. I’m to his right holding a shotgun. The cap is a little low on me so I don’t know if my face is seen but I was there 🙂

15)-Scene similar to #14 but without Wes. One of the Contagious has escaped and I’m one of 3 soldiers shooting at him. Again, I’m armed with a shotgun.

16)-The Contagious who fled has been caught and is surrounded by 3 soldiers. I’m the one with the shotgun. He transforms but is shot with tranquilizers.

17)-The indoctrination area where the Contagious have been brought in and having to cue up to tables to give info about themselves. In the back behind a partial open curtain is a soldier walking back and forth standing guard. That’s me 🙂

-I had a great time (outside of the injury of course) and it was great to be on a set at this level again (My 1st was on the set of “To Have & To Hold”-a 30 million dollar film done in Virginia in 2011. Still in post production but they do have a page up on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/tohaveandtoholdprod?fref=ts Thanks to everyone involved but special thanks to Anthony Falvo (who helped me get involved in this), Kirk LaSalle (who I carpooled with all 6 days of filming), Christopher Olen (who not only allowed me to be in so many scenes but also gave me and a few others a ride back to base camp from #3), Christopher Srock (who helped me while I was injured) and Bryan Patrick Stoyle (who not only was extremely helpful but also put up with my bad jokes-HA!). It was great working and meeting with all the people on those days. Hey-maybe trying to find me in this can be a new drinking game 🙂

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