11/23/2012-ACTING-2 Roles in Music Video by Pokerface

-I was asked earlier this week by Terry Little if I wanted to be in a music video he was producing-the song is “Tarot Cards” by Devon Poke Magnus AKA “Pokerface.” He was even willing to wait if I wasn’t available this day but I was and it was local-plus I’ve worked w/ Terry before and he’s a great guy so I jumped in. I’d be playing 2 roles-one of a fortune teller that Pokerface is visiting and a “demon” that Pokerface encounters. The 1st part of the shoot took place at The Mystic Side Gift & Book Store in N. Syracuse, NY. I wasn’t wearing contacts for this so it was a tad hairy shuffling cards and stuff but I got thru fine. It was a trip being here-I didn’t even know the store existed. The owner, Bonnie, was very easy going & helpful as well. Shooting went by pretty quick here. Interesting to note, I got to wear some stuff I’d worn in previous CAROLINE BLUE music videos for this 🙂

-Next location was out in East Syracuse. Shooting started with Pokerface basically beating up Casey Hunter for stealing his Ho-Ho’s (HA!) 🙂 No, but it was related to the video’s concept. Then I come in via Demon mode. I wanted to make sure I didn’t look too similar to another demon role I’m currently filming and I think there are enough differences to separate the 2. I was handling weapons and I forgot how sticky one’s hands can get when coated with fake blood. I got to use my “cats eyes” contacts this time so that was different. They tend not to center very well, but that would work in this concept. Shooting again was quite quick-good thing cause daylight was starting to disappear halfway thru.

-I had fun and the guys were great and very easy going. Terry will be having screen shots from his camera soon and I’ll add them here when they are up-as well as links to the video when it’s done. Thanks guys for the opportunity to work with you all! Pics are up at the WWJ PAGE ON FACEBOOK.


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