10/19/2012-ACTING-Boo 4 Boobies at Swamp Road Terror Weekend

-10/192012-I had another night of playing “Horace Merkins” (“The Dollmaker”) for SRT this night. I’d anticipated the weather to be like last weekend-cold-but it was warm out. With this plus the steady flow of people coming into the house, I was working up a sweat. Things worked out pretty well for the most part. At one point I was following the people and went to far-so when they made a wrong turn and encountered me, the only way they could go was thru the front of the house! That got corrected and I fixed a spot that I wouldn’t cross in the hallways. One thing that was a little freaky was after the 3rd group my right contact started acting up so I had to go to my car and take it off. So basically, I was half blind this night. This makes going thru the house a little more…interesting 🙂 -especially in the darker areas. I bumped into things I normally wouldn’t have more than a few times. Sammy (from “The Dollmaker”) was here too so she got added into one of my areas. I’d say most of the people going thru were either freaking and/or laughing-I did one of my “hits” and this one girl went right to her knees and curled up in a ball. Another guy, in the same area, bolted right out of the room 🙂 Some of the people were a little drunk coming in-which brought out the “tough guy/gal” a few times but nothing too bad. There was one woman who was not having fun but was actually ruining it for her friends by being all pissy-it happens. On the other end, some people asked “Horace” to be in a pic with them and I obliged. There were also cupcakes on sale by “Evil Treats” with proceeds going to the Susan G. Komen foundation. They were very good-especially the “brain” ones, but given my zombie history that’s a given 🙂 Overall I had a great night and looking forward to the next one!

-10/20/2012-Wow, no rest for the wicked this night! There were already people waiting to go on the trail / in the house when I got there-and I wasn’t late! (what a concept right? 🙂 ) I found out later this was a record night for this-and I certainly felt. We basically went non-stop from 7:30-10:45. It was cooler, but I was still sweating in that mask & outfit. I’m gonna have to bring some Febreze next time 🙂 I’m glad I brought cough drops-screaming “cookie monster” style can be a strain on the vocal cords if not done correctly or done too long. I was definitely beat at the end-but that’s a good thing. Acting should do that you-whether it’s being physically, mentally or emotionally beat-or all three! There were a couple of times where someone who’d come in before was there trying to tell people where the “hit sites” were so we had to change things up on the fly but overall I think most of the people were entertained. A LOT of screaming & laughter this night. One my 2nd “hit site” I waited till almost the whole group was in to hit and one guy went right down to his knees and, in the same motion, jumped out of the room 🙂 A great night and it went by a lot quicker than I thought-but being busy will do that to ya 🙂

-Pics are now up on the WWJ PAGE ON FACEBOOK. In addition, some still pics from “Spud” have also been added-check them out!


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