6/25/2012-COMPUTER-Laptop Down

-As if you couldn’t tell from the title of this post, my laptop is down-only a few months after my desktop computer started messing up. I got all the info, for the most part, from that into an external hard drive and thru that to the laptop. Sounds good right?

-Well, then I do a “wonderful” thing and accidentally spill a little water on the laptop’s keyboard. I’m thinking that it wasn’t much water and the black coating around the individual keys was there to help prevent water seepage-plus the laptop was working fine-so I kept going after cleaning up the water. About 20 minutes later the keyboard starts to act up and I finally do what I should’ve done immediately-turned the laptop upside down and let it dry & drain for a few days. BTW, the battery was not hooked up. The next day I saw there was power going into the laptop, but I couldn’t turn it on. Great huh? The same result happened after leaving it upside down for a week. So for the time being, I’ll be doing online stuff on a web notebook till I get the laptop back from repairs 😦

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