6/6/2012-BAND PRIMER-How to Annoy Your Fan Base on Facebook

-Anyone who has access to sites like Facebook, Twitter, My Space, etc. will eventually encounter an interesting group of people. They’re hard working, well meaning & talented-yet do things that can really annoy people deeply. Some in this group may not be aware of this, so let’s see if any of the following sounds familiar. This group, BTW, are known as musicians /bands.

-Before I start…Years ago my band CAROLINE BLUE was involved with a promotion company from California. I talked w/ one of the reps in regards to marketing & promo. His advice-blast people with stuff from your band until they can’t take it no more and give in. While this may have worked at some point in time, it doesn’t work now-especially online. Why? Because you’re just a ‘delete’ (aka a push of a button or 2) away from losing that person your ‘bombarding’ for good. It’s one thing to lose someone because they are no longer interested in what you do. It’s another when they leave because they think you are spamming them & don’t want to deal with it anymore.

-How many of you know bands who constantly post on YOUR page about their show events? Annoying right? About the only thing worse, according to many people, are show invites via text (cell phones). People, in general, view their walls as personal places; not bulletin boards for every band that has access to them. This used to run like wildfire on My Space (and let’s not even start with bands & ‘bulletins’ on My Space…) . I wonder if that’s part of the reason why Facebook gave people the option of making it so that only the person who owns the page can post on it? Bands-do the promo on your pages and with event invites.

-Speaking of event invites, do you get ones for a show the night of the show-and it’s the only one you’ve received for it? How about the same thing via email? How considerate-like you have nothing else going on with your lives… This should only be done when you get a last minute show. Usually a band gets a gig a few weeks to a month or more before . When the show date is solidified, send out your invites there & then. Do a follow up a week before the show as a reminder –which also gives people time to schedule things out. You can post about the show /event everyday on your own pages if you’d like. Please don’t be one of those bands that makes an event invite, then deletes it only to make the same one again, repeat ad nausium. You’re excited about your show and want as many people as possible to see / attend it-understood. But doing this will just annoy the hell out of people and-hey, there’s that button to ‘unlike’ a band and “click” …goodbye….

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