5/15/2012-BAND PRIMER-Reverbnation Revisted

-Last year I did an article about a social network site that has greatly increased since the toppling of My Space called Reverbnation. Back then, I described the site as “My Space on Steroids.” Does that statement still hold up? Read on oh faithful reader

-My Space has gone thru a lot of changes within a year’s time-but IMO (In My Opinion) I’d still say Reverbnation (RN) is in the lead. However, some of the problems My Space had have crept over onto RN . Right now, CAROLINE BLUE gets a lot of fan requests from RN-to the point where we have more than a page of requests within 2 days if I don’t reply to them. That sounds great until you realize that, just like My Space, it’s mostly bands who are requesting you to be fans. While some of the people running those band pages can become fans of you & your music, the vast majority of them basically don’t care-they just want to up their fan counts. One thing that RN did change is now bands go to the personal pages of people on RN and request them to add the band. CB has increased its fan base on pages like Facebook due to this.

-RN still has one major advantage over My Space-and many other sites for that matter-you can open a store and sell not only your music (CD & download) but shirts and other merchandise as well. Recently, CB released a new song called “Prey” on Reverbnation and not only could people listen to it, but buy the Mp3 of it as well-and yes, we did makes some sales on this

-Another thing RN has it the ability to place widgets that have your music, videos-even your store in them. (296) While they don’t work on all sites, they do work on many and are a nice way to promo / network your band & music.

-Other nice things about RN are a specific place to put your press releases, an area that shows all your links to other social networks you’re on, and a great stat system that helps you with your promotions. In addition, they still have a great mailing list system for bands to use.

-Speaking of the mailing list, one interesting thing is that My Space actually teamed up w/ RN to a degree so that not only can you send your newsletters to your mailing list, but also to your friend’s list on My Space as well. Sounds great right? Unfortunately, it seems to need a little work on the execution part. CB has over 11,000 fans on My Space so I used this feature a few times. Keep in mind that even on My Space it says it has teamed up w/ RN for this. Each time I have done this though, the CB page on My Space gets shut down by My Space temporarily-so be careful when using this. If they’ve fixed this, let me know.

-Looks like I’ve hit the word limit again 🙂 See you all next month!


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