3/27/2012-PETS-Kitty Updates!

This morning…

-Update on kitty. It’s a boy 🙂 est. 3 weeks old. Weighs 8 oz. Dehydrated. Temp. was low- which explained why he was hardly eating / drinking anything. Might need tube feeding. He is staying at the animal hospital for right now…

This evening…

-I’m going to go pick him up now. His temp. is getting back up closer to normal and he is eating a little more-as well as other things. Guess he’ll be here with me till the next visit 🙂

-Still haven’t got a name for him yet but I have some ideas. As you can see I got him a bear 🙂 I have him in a larger box w/ 2-3 blankets in there. A heating pad is under half of it at “low”-although it seems to low to me but maybe that’s me. Kitty isn’t as vocal as before-but when he is, he is 🙂 On the way back I had my hand in the box and he just snuggled up next to it. He’s eating the formula now that I have an eye dropper-and poopin more too. I have my space heater nearby on but might have to turn on room heater-except when I tried to do that there was this smell like something is burning-probably dust. Will be taking him in again for a check up in a few days…

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