3/19/2012-ACTING-Pics / Recap-NOSS Filming Last Weekend

-Pics / recap are now up from last weekend’s filming on NoSS (“Night of Something Strange”)-a zombie movie I’m filming down in VA. I play the part of the lead zombie “Corneilus.” Pics can be seen on the WWJ FACEBOOK PAGE. The recap is there too, but I’ll repost it right here for your viewing pleasure 🙂

3/16-18/2012-4 months later and we’re back! Me & Kirk LaSalle left Friday to Goldvein VA to finish up filming inside the gas station. We met Makeup Supervisor Colby Flinchum & actress Kera O’Bryon there for the filming. I basically helped out with crew this night. I believe we arrived at around 7 and we finished around 2:30 AM. kudos to all but extra kudos to Kera for getting thru this while being sick-especially considering what had to be done in this scene. Unfortunately, you all know the rule by now-no makeup/FX pics up until the movie’s out-nor can I post what happens here. Trust me though-this will all be worth the weight.

-The next day we went to another location-this time to work on scenes from the beginning of the movie. Both me & Kirk got “zombified” this day. It’s been awhile since I’ve been like this and, honestly, I did miss it. One funny thing I can mention that happened. We were filming this scene where I walk down the road into the darkness. Usually, I’d walk a certain distance and then Jonathan Straiton (director/producer of NoSS) would yell “Cut” & I’d walk back for another take. Now keep in mind the light only goes so far down this road and the contacts I’m wearing aren’t prescription. So I’m power walking down the road and, since I don’t hear “Cut”, I keep walking. ll of sudden my foot goes into a large puddle (it’s very dark at this point), then I reach the highway, then I almost power walk into a ditch-and still no “cut!” 🙂 I tell ya, zombies get no respect 🙂 We got back to Richmond before midnight on this one.

-Then it was back to Goldvein early to film a scene with me outside the gas station. Colby had to leave by mid afternoon so to save time, he “zombified” me about 70% in the car en route- a first! I do have pics which will be posted with the other 800+ makeup/FX pics I have in reserve when this movie comes out. WE got a lot of the scene done, but not all of it unfortunately-which compounded by a re-occurring problem with the prosthetic I wear. Hopefully the stuff I did get to film today was good enough to use. I believe me & Kirk headed back to NY around 4ish-in part cause I was trying to get as much of the adhesive/makeup/blood off of me before we hit the road. I got back home between 11 PM & midnight. We’re getting closer to getting this all done. On one of those days Jonathan showed us a rough of one of the early scenes that had me & Janet Mayson in it and it looked awesome! More filming is being planned sometime in April.

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