3/9/2012-MOVIE-2nd Fight Choreography Session for “Blink”

-03/09/2012-This was another fight choreography session for this fight scene we are doing. We went thru what we did last time-which you could call “Stage 1”. Since there is a video clip of this, I don’t have to worry about spoiling the story. basically I’m in the back of a bunch of guys who are attacking the main lead (Kyle Bome). A series of attacks happen while I’m kind of “in reserve” so to speak-but not for long. I attack Kyle and get him in a head lock type position-holding him while the other guys start pounding on him. Thus ends stage 1. Stage takes up with me wondering-“so how does Kyle get out of this?” I found out today. My “dance” w/ Kyle ends with him throwing me over his shoulder / back-an impressive move. I had to re-learn how to fall properly a number of times (no mats BTW). Then we did full rehearsal. The video clip was one of the last takes. Things are shaping up really well and I feel confident that this will look great when it comes time to film it. Course, this was the ending of stage 2. Stage 3 is coming up….

-Pics can currently be seen on my fan/business page on the WWJ Facebook Page under “Blink.”

“Blink” is a film being made in Syracuse, NY by James Domroe (JD Films). Keep up to date with how things are going with the film on the BLINK Facebook Page.

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