10/8/2011-ACTING-More Filming on “For Tomorrow We Die”

-This was a night shoot-the 1st one I believe-so I didn’t have to rush to get there. Not only arrived on time but even had time to eat dinner. I wasn’t able to wear some of my outfit though-mud was so into the zippers that I couldn’t get them to work. The weather was great-actually a little warm. That changed as the night wore on. There were a couple of campfires going and at times a lot of smoke via a fog machine. The trenches were still wet & muddy though so the boots got all messy again.

-The scene went pretty well. There were several sections to it and we got thru all of them. Pretty cool to see some of the effects. A couple of the guys had FX makeup on their faces-all bloody & stuff. Kinda reminded me a tad of the zombie makeup I wear in the film “Night of Something Strange.” It was a lot of fun-I was the 2nd to last actor finished-Josh had one more scene to do and it was done before I realized.

-I didn’t get the rental car back & home till around 4 AM but that’s OK-I love doing this. I have one more scene to do with FTWD and I’ve been told filming has been tentatively scheduled in Dec. for it. Looking forward to getting this all done. Hope you all like the pics-which are now on my acting page on Facebook.


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