7/25/2011-ACTING-Filming for Episode One of “Failman”

-I got an email from MAF head Matt Peters in regards to this new comedy series & needed to know if I wanted to be involved. I said sure! Then I read the script… 🙂

-I said yes, but I did make a few suggestions in regards to my character-as well as a gag or 2. Matt got everyone else set up and he set a date for filming.

-This whole episode was done in a day. For the most part things went quickly. Mark J. Peek plays Frank-a guy who wants to defeat his super villain dad Dr. Sinister (James Cacciatore) but had been soundly beaten by him several times. I play Randy-Frank’s man servant so to speak (think along the lines of Kato in The Green Hornet). Frank once again gets beaten up by his father. Later on, we hear about this super hero battle/contest and the winners get super powers. Frank enters us into the contest .

Now, this might be a spoiler (like the rest hasn’t been??? 🙂 ) but right from the get go, Frank is a guy who is over dramatic-and also likes to rag on his “Indian” servant. The thing is-Randy isn’t Indian-& tells him right off in the 1st scene. In fact, Randy is going to slug Frank in the mouth but then comes the reason (but not fully “why”) Randy endures all these slurs from Frank. This whole 1st dialog w/ Frank & Randy was based-in part-by a couple of my suggestions. In case you don’t know, my ancestry is Chinese / German with a little Swedish thrown in. A number of people think I am Native American-in fact, I get literally asked at least once a week if I am or what tribe I am in. I don’t mind at all-but I digress…

-Anyway, Frank finds us costumes. He becomes Captain “Fucking: Amazing (hence the “F” on his back) and I become (to my anguish & embarrassment) “Tonto The Fierce Savage.” Let’s just say Randy is NOT a happy camper about that….:)

-So they go to sign up and face their first opponent…and things do not go as planned. Did they even get to qualify? Well, you’ll have to watch the episode to find that out 😉

-We only had 5 scenes to film and like I said before, things went at a good pace. This was a lot of fun and there was good chemistry with all of us. We were all laughing at various times thru all this. I can only imagine what will be coming in future episodes. It was great working with all these guys and cool to work in my 1st comedy project. According to Matt, this is going to hit the net soon-check it out 🙂 Pics can be seen on my acting page on Facebook.


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