7/15/2011-BAND PRIMER-You Tube-Pt.2

-Last month I started talking about You Tube and how that, if you don’t have your band on this network, you should do so right away. Most people have a basic idea of how to use You Tube but for those who are new to it, here’s some tips to help you out.

-When starting your You Tube page, you first need to have a gmail account. To my knowledge, there is no exception to this. When creating the name of your page, it’s best to use your band’s name. If you are a solo performer, use that. If it is taken, add something to make it stand out. For example, my band-Caroline Blue-had already been taken so I named the page CarolineBlueOfficial.

-Then you are led to a control panel where you can, to a degree,customize your page. For those who know how to do HTML programming, you can use this but I would suggest keeping it simple. The last thing you need is for someone to go on your page and then have, for example, no one able to read the text on it cause you decided to layer a multicolored picture as your wall paper and the text color doesn’t stand out.

-Then you upload your videos. I would suggest either having your most recent or most popular video on the main screen. If the most recent, make sure your most popular videos are listed in your “uploaded” column. There’s also a “favorites” area where you can list thumbnails of videos of your band from other pages-if they exist. Fill in all the basics like band bio,location,etc.

-You’ll notice 2 different areas-one for your “Friends” and one for your “Subscribers.” There is also an area that shows who you have subscribed to. With “Friends” it’s similar to My Space. You go to a page and click on “Add Friend” and if they accept, you have added to your count. While it’s nice to have a large friend count, it doesn’t mean you have that many people actively checking you out. “Subscribers” are those who click on your “Subscribe” button so they are notified when you have new videos, send out bulletins, etc. Don’t go all “My Space” with this though. Sending out 20 updates/bulletins in 20 minutes is annoying wherever it happens & being deleted is only a click away.One thing to note-You Tube only allows you to try to “add” about 10 people per hour so if you go that route, realize it’s slow & steady that helps to increase your count. More next month!


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