7/5/2011-ACTING-Back From Filming on Star Trek:Phase II-Episode “Mind Sifter”

-JUNE 2011-About a month ago I received a message from film producer Jeff Forsyth. He wanted to tell me about this popular Web Series called “Star Trek New Voyages:Phase II.” He said they needed extras for a corridor scene in an episode they were about to film called “Mind Sifter” and wanted to know if I would be interested. He also sent me a link to their latest episode “Enemy:Starfleet.” I checked it out and was very surprised at how well done it was. IMHO, outside of different cast members, it looked just like the original TV series-effects & everything. Even w/ the distance and cost, I told Jeff yes and he told me to contact Patty-the writer for the series. I did so and waited for word if I could do it. I mean, I knew I could be an extra-the requirements (usually) for an extra are that you have to be breathing (HA!). Course, my hair isn’t Starfleet Regulations but… πŸ™‚

-So Patty gets back to me and not only says I can be in the episode-but they had a role for me-a speaking role. Wow! I can’t remember who it was, but I guess someone saw my IMDB pics and said “Walking Bear!” Ensign Dawson Walking Bear (WB) is a character from the Star Trek Animated show from the 70’s. He was only in 1 episode-which I could not find on You Tube to study. All I found was a PSA and it was OK. My hair was still too long, but I wasn’t going to argue. πŸ™‚

-The pics I’m putting up are from the following days: 6/18, 6/19, 6/24, 6/25 & 6/26. My 1st weekend was me getting there & back via rides from Ben F. & Eddie. The 2nd week I rented a car. Port Henry is an interesting little town. Barely any cell service for me there and on location I had none at all. That’s OK though-there were plenty of people to talk with. -I just want to say up front the cast & crew for this are really wonderful & very supportive. I’m totally amazed at what is done there to make things happen. For example, there are only 2 sets that are permanent-the Bridge and the Transporter Room. All other rooms (Corridor / Sickbay / Spock’s Quarters / etc.) have to be built and wired 1st-then the scene is shot-and then it’s all torn down (!) and the next one starts to be built. There are also some hard core Trekies here-and I mean hard core. Continuity is something that is taken very seriously here. That leads to this next part.

-There was a copy of the episode from the animated series that had WB in it. Someone said they thought he had his hair in a ponytail so we had to watch it to make sure-plus if they wanted me to play him exactly as the show I should be prepared to do so no? πŸ™‚ Well, we watched it and I was very glad to be told that I had free reign on what I wanted to do w/ the character. On the show, my impression of WB is that he seemed sad & tired most of the time. His voice was done by James Doohan (Scotty) and you could hear a little bit of him there-at least I could. He just seemed less than ordinary. Now, if I was told I had to play him exactly like on that show I would have-but to me, it wouldn’t added anything to the show.

-My interpretation of WB is that he is a professional (a Starfleet Ensign & manning the helm on the Bridge after all) and proud. He’s no pushover. He can be direct and a little cold ( a nod towards Spock in a way) but also sociable. One noticeable thing is that he has a quick temper. I established that in my 1st scene being filmed on this. In fact, right after the 1st take of my 1st scene, James Cawley (Cpt. Kirk and the one who made this whole series possible) asked to see me in the next room. I was thinking “Did I do something wrong?”. On the contrary, he asked if I wanted to be a permanent member of the cast-you betcha! I’m very happy to be a part of this team.

-During those 5 days a lot of work was done. There were some delays, but that got taken care of. Again-great cast & crew. Although I will say hopefully the next time I’m in the cabins I hope I won’t be set up next to a guy who snores so loud-or at least warn me so I can bring ear muffs (HA!). I got to talk with a number of the cast & crew and it was awesome-especially since-because of copyright issues and stuff-this is mostly a volunteer effort. Yep-all this hard work is being done by many here for free. And you have some people coming in as far away as the UK. Incredible…..It’s also very warm in those outfits. The transporter room is the hottest room there-there have been stories of people melting up there πŸ™‚ They also had a makeup room and there was even one of the makeup people on the sets (Brian, Emlee and/or Bill) who made sure we were taken care of between takes. Sometimes we’d go till 1-2 AM but I’m not complaining. This beats a 9-5 job any day IMHO πŸ™‚

-I did what I could to help out. Course, you know me-I’m throwing out cornball jokes constantly. πŸ™‚ One of the support cast wasn’t able to make it to the shoot so they asked me to learn the stuff and do it. Sure-more screen time right? πŸ™‚

-The 2nd half of the shoot takes place in the Fall. I have 1 scene to be in there so I’ll be back on this (or album #2 if there are that many pics) w/ an update. I just want to say thanks to everyone involved in this and especially thank Jeff, Patty, Rob, James & Sarge for the opportunity to be here. I made a lot of new friends & I will work to raise myself up to the quality of this series. Pics are now up on my acting page on Facebook.


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