6/12/2011-ACTING-Second Weekend Filming “Equitable Exchange”

-6/11 + 6/12-Days 3 + 4 of filming. Both were 12 hour days. The weather was kinda crazy this weekend-especially on Day 4. It ranged from cloudy, to sunny, to warm, to cold-strange weather. Filming was still being done at a fairly brisk pace. I again stayed overnight in the area to make sure I could be there on time for both days.

-Out of the 2 days, Day 4 was the more intense for me. In fact, the main scene I was in was one of the hardest scenes I’ve had to film to date. For spoiler reasons, I can’t post any pics of anyone who had a “death” scene-with Tristan being the exception. I guess it’s “common knowledge” that’s he’s gonna get killed in the film….plus he’s wearing a red shirt so… 🙂 When this is released I’ll be allowed to post the other pics-as well as more details as to how things happened. For now, though, this is basically what I’ve been allowed to post/say.

-I believe this is going to turn out awesome and I’m very grateful to be able to be a part of this. Excellent cast & crew. On day 4 I even did some more crew work-that’s great cause it makes one appreciate the hard work that they do even more.

-There is one more day of shooting but not at this location and it’s a much shorter day. there was 1 scene left that I had to do, but it wasn’t a long one and if it gets cut, it gets cut. I actually was put into some additional scenes that weren’t in the scripts-and even got some additional lines so I can’t complain. I was told I might be called in to do a few touch ups so we’ll see.

-As this starts getting into promo mode I’ll do my best to do my share to help as well. Again-I’m very thankful to have been given to opportunity to be involved w/ this & a big “Thanks” to all the cast & crew for helping me to rise up to their level. Pics are up on my acting page on Facebook.


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