5/15/2011-ACTING-First Day Filming on “Stone”

-This was my 1st day filming with the web series “Stone”. I believe they’d started a week earlier. I play the role of Agent Pagano of the FBI. We were in 3 locations thru out the day.

-The 1st was outside the bus station. As you might or might not see by the pics-it was basically raining in various degrees all day. If everyone here had colds the next day-now you know why 🙂 I didn’t have any scenes here so I was there to help out and crack cornball / cheesy jokes-and pose for the camera (HA!) 🙂

-The 2nd location was 2 different areas of Utica real estate 🙂 I have to say, these locations have a great atmosphere & feel to them. More rain, more posing & more cornball / cheesy jokes. You would think that I’d be bored-no camera time yet-but it was just the opposite. Many times acting is something you learn from observing-whether it’s watching TV / movies or being on the set. Watching what other actors are doing is a great learning experience-plus you’re also rooting for the “team” so to speak-at least I am. Working w/ great people helps to raise yourself to that level.

3rd location was back at the bus station-but this time inside. Got some time in front of the camera here. I had an idea for the scene but there were no lockers around so it was scraped. Oh well. And yes, the cornball remarks were in high gear-but it wasn’t all from me. It’s cool though-it’s part of what makes the process fun. I blew a few takes but for the most part got thru it. It’s interesting how you can have a scene pictured in your head and then, when it comes time to film, how different it actually is from that.

-There was another scene I was in to be filmed this day but the rain was coming down harder so it had to be postponed till next week. It’s OK-another week to solidify the lines and add some “character” 🙂

-All in all, I had a great time and am glad to be working with such a great cast & crew. Looking forward to next week’s shoot! Pics can be seen on my acting page on Facebook


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