5/7/2011-ACTING-Second Day Filming With “Sins of a Father”

-The 1st 4 pics from this album was from the last shoot. The next 56 came from cameras from me, Jason Covey & Lisa Sear. On this day I had to 2 more extra roles-a church goer and a family man at a picnic (with 2 wives?? But I wasn’t gonna argue w/ the producer-even though one was his sister & the other was his girlfriend-HA! 🙂 ). Obviously I had to change clothes and try to modify my facial features a little bit so I wouldn’t totally look like the same person in all 4 roles.

-Did I say 4? Yes. The night before I got a call from Rachel wanting to know if I wanted to play the part of the lead detective (has no name-yet the secondary one does-go figure (HA!) :). I was in a scene w/ 1 1/2 pages of dialog-and I had about 1/3 to say. I said sure and got a copy of it Friday night. One cool thing was I had to take notes so, since I would be wearing shades, I came up w/ the idea to write my lines on the notes. Not bad right? 🙂

-This took most of the day. We 1st filmed in a church-and even had to use a few of the actual church goers there as extras. I have to wonder if they would’ve done so had they’d known the actual storyline for the movie… 😉 Then we moved to a park and then an area adjacent to the park.

-I had a great time and a lot of fun. The casts & crews for the Mad Angel Films have been great to work with and I’ll be doing so again when my character in “Stone” gets filmed starting next weekend. Pics are now up on my acting page on Facebook.


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