4/23/2011-ACTING-First Day Filming With “Sins of a Father”

-I had talked w/ Rachel Powers-producer of this film-in regards to another project and this film was brought up. It had already been cast but she did say she needed some extras for a few scenes so I said sure! Originally there were suppose to be 3 scenes filmed-and I would have to change outfits/looks w/ each one-but it rained this day so 2 of them had to be postponed. That left this one in the funeral home.

-It’s fun to participate in filming-not just when you’re being filmed but when others are too. I kinda use it as a learning experience to see how others do their stuff and picture how I would do if I was under those circumstances. Course, as Melissa found out to her dismay (HA!), I tend to crack A LOT of cheesy/corny & sometimes out & out bad jokes. One time the camera was on us and we’re suppose to be sad & in mourning but-in part cause I knew her boyfriend Matt (who was running the camera with the oh so sensitive mic) could hear every word I said, I cracked a cheesy sex joke which caused her to laugh out loud-and Matt kept filming 🙂

-This only took a few hours, but even just doing extra work, the time (for me) seemed to fly by. I’m glad I could be a part of this and it was great to see/work w/ friends and make new some new ones too. Pics are now up on my acting page on Facebook.


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