10/24/2010-ACTING-First Day Filming on “Fallen Angels”

-This was my 1st day on the Fallen Angels filming set. Filming had started shortly after the initial meet & greet.

-When I got there, filming was already underway for one scene-while others were getting ready via costuming &/or makeup. I kinda just wandered around for awhile-talking & getting to know various members of the cast & crew.

-I didn’t get called into wardrobe until a few hours after I arrived. The 1st thing that became apparent were the size of the pants-they were HUGE! That was good for a few jokes. Glad I brought a belt! 🙂 Then I had a number of people calling me “Sub-Zero” (Mortal Kombat). I played up to it-I was having fun!

-Then there was more waiting until you get to your scene. I didn’t mind-I’ve done this before so I kinda knew what to expect. At one point, they were filming in the lower levels and, whenever filming, we have to be really quiet due to the sensitive mic being used to pic up audio. I was told that at a previous day, shooting ground to a halt because J.T. had to hunt down a fly due to the noise it was making.

-On top of that, all the power (lights) were needed for the scene so not only were we 2 floors up, but in the dark-in an abandoned brewery that looks (& feels) like a horror movie. Course, being me, I was whispering cornball jokes most of the time. Did I mention that it was also cold and many of the actors & crew-when not needed-were in the makeup area huddled over an electric heater? Not that I’m complaining-doing stuff like this is way more enjoyable than my normal job.

-I was in 2 scenes this day. One of them I came in at the end with some dialog. Not much-but I’ll have more in later shoots. I was in the room that had a lot of “ghost orbs” in the pic from the last time I was there. The 2nd scene was just me & 4 others walking down a corridor. I had to be at the end due to my height. It was pretty dark at the end of that row. We did a few takes-in one of them one of the bodyguards tripped and we were all laughing. That was the last scene of the day-most of the others had gone home at this point. I was out by around 11 or so (I showed up at 3:30 btw).

-I had a great time and it was a lot of fun to do. It was also great to see the process of all this going on-as well as meeting new people & watching how they performed. I’m looking forward to my next time being here-which will be soon. Pics can be seen on the WWJ PAGE ON FACEBOOK


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