9/5/2010-CHARITY-I’ll be on the MDA Telethon in Syracuse, NY on Ch. 9 @ 10 PM

-I’ll be joining the band Stix & Stonz & others at the MDA Telethon 2nite at 10 PM-Ch. 9 (Syracuse,NY) 2 support “Bands Together 4 MDA.” Tune in & call a pledge 4 your support!

-You can also make a donation online at The MDA Website

UPDATE-Weeks ago, I saw a bulletin from Tim (Stixs & Stonz) in regards to putting together a comp. CD of local music w/ all benefits going to the local Syracuse MDA chapter. I contacted Tim and sent him some CAROLINE BLUE songs to help out. Tim then contacted me a few days ago asking if I’d like to join them for a short spot on the MDA telethon-local channels. I said sure-anything I can do to help out.

-On the way there my right contact began acting up-so much that I had to take it off when I got to the studio so I was on the air half blind :). When you enter you have to sign in and part of that is saying what you are in regards to the event. The only box to be checked that would fit was “celebrity” so that was a trip to do 🙂 My girlfriend Jen was here so she managed to snap off the pics that are up here. I had a camcorder too, but it didn’t work-it’s finally starting to go. However, I did talk w/ one of the producers and gave my mailing address in hopes to getting a copy of the segment via DVD.

-The actual filming didn’t take long. I didn’t say anything. That was Tim & Mark. Tim is the organizer of the events we’re in and Mark-as well as Nick-both have forms of MD themselves. There were suppose to be members from other bands here but they couldn’t make it.

-As you can see from the pics, on the way out I had a little fun with some Billy Fuccillo bobble heads. What can I say-they’re HUUUUU…….GA! 🙂

-Thanks to Tim, Nick & Mark for giving me an opportunity to help out in all this. if you wish to make a donation online, please do so at http://www.mda.org/telethon/2010telethon/

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