6/22/2010-RUNNING-Chase Corporate Challenge Race

-Here’s my recap from the Race that happened on 6/22/10-and it almost didn’t happen. I got out of work early and drove right into a traffic jam of cars going to that area. My car’s temp. gauge started heading towards the red so I pulled off into a parking lot 1.2 miles away from the place and walked there-in the rain. It was light rain though-plus I was going to get wet anyways.

-I was told there were around 6,800 people for this. I got there about 10 minutes before the race was suppose to start-6:30 PM. I made my way up to the starting line. Then they announced that there was a 30 min. delay due to possible lightning. So I found where my workplace had set up a tent and hung out there.

-30 minutes later and it’s still raining and there’s another 30 min. delay. Then it starts pouring hard. A number of people left. I have to admit I was tempted to do so as well-but walking back to my car in heavy rain wasn’t high on my “to do” list so I stayed.

-30 minutes later it stopped raining and the sky cleared. I made my way back up to the starting line again and was there when the race started. As tempting as it was to try to blast thru this, I just ran my race. Well, I did step up the pace a little bit-running with people will do that to you.

-I ran the 3.5 miles in 36:44. The guy who won the race came in around 17 minutes. At least I wasn’t last. After I cooled down a little, then I started the walk back to my car. Finally got there and drove off. That was a good workout!

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