6/6/2010-ACTING-Filming Another Scene in “Rise Up & Fall”

SUNDAY 6/6/2010

-I was involved in another scene for the upcoming movie “Rise Up & Fall” by Hewitt Films. This took place near a warehouse and was a meeting with me & my “Boss” and a lesser gang . The cast for this shot were

-Doobie – “Sammy Villa”

-Mike Widger “DooWittle” -“Nick Scarfano”

-Joel-Nick’s bodyguard

Matt-one of Nick’s gang

-WWJ-Sammy’s bodyguard/killer

-and Brian Hewitt doing the filming of course 🙂

-This only took a few hours to do. You’ll see in some of the pics me goofing off-but that’s just me! When the camera was rolling I was just playing the heavy-Brian said the character just lives to kill and basically is cold w/ no personality. having said that, I was surprised Brian gave me a line to say! 2 words-but a line nevertheless. Course, I don’t know if the camera was running when I broke out in my helium voice-HA!

-I have to say we probably got just as much stuff for a blooper reel as we did actual shooting. The one w/ Matt was just priceless-and Brian did catch the whole thing.

-Had a great time and again it was a pleasure and privilege to work with Brian and the others.

Brian Hewitt on Facebook

Hewitt Films on Facebook

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