11/3/2009-ACTING-I’m Going to be in a Movie (‘Ms. Cannibal Holocaust’)

-On Friday November 6, 2009 Director Ron Bonk will be releasing his new movie called “Ms. Cannibal Holocaust.” featuring Nicola Fiora-who has been in several other horror films-& Kellyn Lindsay. I originally auditioned for a role, but didn’t make it. This was back in December 2008. It was a unique experience cause the trial run was suppose to be me in a bed scene w/ a woman-but at the audition it was just me in a chair w/ a guy next to me playing the role of the woman-plus it was my 1st actually audition for a movie so I was nervous & didn’t do as well as I think I could’ve. But now I know what to expect and in the future I plan on doing much better.

-Anyways, Ron had several other minor roles available and, if I had the time, I would’ve probably hit on all of them but we all know how I am currently with time right? (HA!). So I landed a role as a gang member-one of 3 or 4 who attack Nicole in a flashback scene. I have to admit I was hesitant when I read the script cause the scene involved us not only kidnapping Nicole, but also a rape scene. But it’s just a movie ¬not real-but I have to say thru the whole shooting, it really felt strange-but that’s part of acting right? I know my fellow gang members-Brian Hewitt & David Schmitt (plus a few others) were feeling the same way.

-The scene I was in was filmed on Thursday 3/17/09.It was in this atmospheric area under a building on Warren Street in downtown Syracuse, NY. I arrived at around 4 PM & they were in the middle of shooting some other scenes. We didn’t get to our scene until around 8 PM or so. I didn’t really know what to dress up as (I’d never been a thug-HA!) so Ron had sent me some pics-which I used for reference when I got all the clothes at a Salvation Army Store. Ron didn’t like the shirt I’d bought but everything else was fine. There were 2 main scenes I was in-both were “flashback” scenes. The 1st was just after another girl had been killed (played by Rebecca Wemesfelder) and me, Dave & Brian were trying to take a struggling Nicola into another area. Me & David see the “camera” and slowly/menacingly we walk towards it. We did that a few times. One of the crew guys said it looked like we going to come rip his head off! Guess we did good :). The next scene was the actual rape scene. It was actually Nicola’s 1st time at filming this type of scene-although she did say that there was a rape scene in all of the next 3 scripts she had. That was shot several times-for different angles and stuff. One of the guys said out loud that this felt so wrong and we all agreed-but it’s acting

-I had dabbled a little in acting in the past (I was on local TV a few times in my high school days and was in a few plays before that) and, of course, I’ve done music videos w/ CAROLINE BLUE. This was quite an experience and I’m grateful that Ron gave me the opportunity to part of this. I met some great people & made a bunch of new friends with this. Will I be doing more movie stuff? Time will tell….

-For those of you who’d like to see the movie, it’s going to be playing at The Redhouse in Syracuse, NY on Friday 11/6 @ 8 PM. You can get tickets for the show (which is part of the B-Movie fest which is starting this weekend) by going to http://b-movie.com/catalog3/product_info.php?products_id=119577&osCsid=o18vmo8gtu3knv5b76erdid5v4

-As an added “bonus” if you do go to the movie, afterwards-just a few blocks away-is the Half Penny Pub-where my band CAROLINE BLUE is playing this night & admission is FREE! I’ll be putting up some pics later on today.The 1st band-Clean Slate-goes on @ 10 PM and we go on after that till 2 PM.

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