8/19/2009-INTERVIEW-Buffalo Underground Music Examiner

-Here’s an interview I did with Peter Taboni from the Buffalo Underground Music Examiner. You can also see it HERE

Caroline Blue, a melodic hard rock band from Syracuse, New York, consists of members Wayne Johnson, lead vocals and guitar, Andy Gore, bass and vocals and Joseph Boyle, drums and vocals.
The following is an interview with Caroline Blue’s lead singer, Wayne Johnson.
Pete: How would you describe Caroline Blue’s style musically?
Wayne: Our music has been described as being similar in style to KISS – with touches of L.A. Guns, Type O Negative, Chevelle, Motley Crue, Dokken, Megadeth.
Pete: Where is everyone from Caroline Blue from and how did you meet?
…. ….
Wayne: I met Joe (Boyle) through a guy named Roy Coston. I was looking for a drummer at the time and Roy suggested Joe. I met Andy ‘Doc” Gore a year before that when CAROLINE BLUE did a show with the band he used to be in called Silence Bleeds. He was the only other guy besides us who wore leather pants. Since, in the past, the lineups for CAROLINE BLUE have been unstable, I had my eye out for potential players in case someone decided to leave. That happened and I gave Doc a call.

Pete: What, and who, inspired you to start a band?
…. ….
…. ….
Wayne: I’ve been in a number of different bands throughout the years, with great guys and musicians. The problem was (that) everyone (in those bands) knew how to get to a certain point. Once that point was reached, the bands tended to stagnate and/or break up. I wanted to take things as far as I could go and see what I could do if I was in charge. So CAROLINE BLUE was born. I have many musical inspirations, but my main one is KISS.

Pete: How did you think of the name Caroline Blue?
…. ….
Wayne: I used to work in a retail store where their code word for emergencies was called “Carolines”. A color would be after that to designate a type of emergency. For example, “Caroline Red” meant a fire had broken out. “Caroline White” meant a tornado was coming . And “CAROLINE BLUE” meant medical emergency. I just liked the way the name (Caroline Blue sounded and went with that.

Pete: What has Caroline Blue accomplished musically that you are the most proud of?
…. ….
Wayne: I’m very proud of everything CAROLINE BLUE has accomplished and most appreciative of all the people who have been in the band at various times. You have all helped move the band forward thru out the years and some have even helped move it backwards (HA!). Some of the things I’m proud of is getting our 2 CDs recorded and released, getting positive reviews in Europe and the U.S., knowing that people are able to buy CAROLINE BLUE CDs at a store in Japan, having our STTH Disc distributed by Hellion Records in Germany & Melodic Revolution Records in the U.S., selling CAROLINE BLUE CDs via CDBaby throughout the U.S./Europe/Asia, having one of our CDs being nominated for a SAMMY Award (Syracuse Area Music Award) in 2006, having pro videos made via UVTV, winning an award for best Original R&R Band at the 1st Annual Upper State Music Awards a few years ago and the honor of being able to play our music in front of all the great people who come out to our shows.

Pete: If Caroline Blue is pursuing a record label, what would that label be and why?
…. ….
Wayne: It depends on what type of label. In terms of distribution, we already have a little bit of that already. It’s always the first thing any label offers. The last thing they offer – which most bands need – is tour support. Unless they have a guarantee that they’ll make their money back – and then some – you won’t get that. Obviously, the ideal would be to be with a label that can give you all that you need – without robbing you blind in the process. While there can be trade offs, a label that is up front on what they want and able to submit a contract so our lawyer can go over it would be a good start. You want a label for the things you can’t do due to time, money and/or lack of networking – someone who can help the band reach the next level where it’s a win-win for everyone involved. I personally would also like fair terms in regards to publishing and recording – none of that “band records music for CD/label doesn’t like music/ label locks music in their vaults and band can’t use it at all” crap!

……..Caroline Blue has performed at venues that include:……..
…. ….
-Boneshakers Tavern (Ogdensburg, NY)
-Hotel Adams (Adams, NY)
-Shamrocks (N. Syracuse, NY)
-Albie’s (Utica, NY)
-Club W (Buffalo, NY)
-The Doghouse (Utica, NY)
-The Lost Horizon (Syracuse, NY)
-D.S. Humphreys (Oswego, NY)
-Gatherings By Design (Phoenix, NY)
-Mac’s Bad Art Bar (Mattydale, NY)
-Northern Lights (Clifton Park, NY)
-Legends (Gales Ferry, CT)

A list of Caroline Blue’s upcoming shows is available at: carolineblue.com/page4.html
Caroline Blue has also released two albums titled, “Slave to the Hourglass” (2005) – recorded at Eastwind Studios in Syracuse N.Y. and “Not for the Innocent” (2007) – recorded at Strangeland Audio in Phoenix, N.Y.
For more information on CAROLINE BLUE, please visit the links below.


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