1/15/2009-THINKING-If You’re Experiencing Self Doubt…

…it’s ok. It’s normal for that to happen-at times repeatedly. To quote author Timothy Ferris…

“It’s an internal part of building anything remarkable-whether a business, a relationship, or a life. Expanding your sphere of comfort and abilities comes with a cost “repeated self doubt.”

When I was younger, I remember being engulfed by all sorts of problems-some real and some that were blown out of proportion via my mind. I then saw a quadriplegic and my attitude changed. Compared to him, my problems didn’t seem so big anymore. Sure, there will be times when you really do have some huge problems, but this moment really changed my perspective. Seeing someone who has a perfectly healthy mind, trapped in a body that is forever paralyzed….it made me realized how pitiful some of my “pity parties” really were…

There have been times when I’ve admittedly forgotten this lession and let things get to me that, in hindsight, we’re really not that huge of a deal in the long run. There have also been times-especially in the last year, where I’ve experienced self-doubt about a number of things. But, as Nick Vujicic shows in the video below, it doesn’t matter how many times you fall down-get back up, try again & finish strong. A very inspiring video….


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