1/1/2007-NEWS CLIP-WWJ on Live Action 3 News in Syracuse, NY

-Man….I went to the gym this morning to workout and there just happen to be a film crew from Channel 3 there taping stuff for a thing on resolutions. They just broadcast it around 5 PM and I was on it!. It’s funny cause when I do my workouts, it’s w/ low weight/high reps/very little rest. So they actually had a brief close up of me blasting thru bicep arm curls and it looks like I’m really straining-but I’m only lifting a 15 lbs. bar (HA!) The thing is, I almost wore a CAROLINE BLUE shirt to the gym this day and by a fluke choice I had on another one. Oh well, another promo op. blown 🙂 ….What a way to start 2007……BTW…I did get it on video and so did a friend of mine so there is a chance that-with the help of a video capture card-I might be able to get this on a video clip so everyone can see and laugh at my expense! 🙂 ….Stay Tuned……

Update-just went to view it and my tape got eaten! My friend has her copy though. We’ll see…..

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