7/18/2006-SURVEY-Time For Another…

…mindless poll! (Thanks Tracey!) 🙂

1. Taco Bell, Chipotle or Baja Fresh?
-I guess I have to go w/ TB-I don’t even know what the other 2 are….

2. Current Favorite song?
-“Bleed & Shout” by XP8 or “Strawberry Letter 22” by The Brothers Johnson or “Ant Music” (Adam & The Ants)

3. AIM Screen name?

4. Would you change your senior prom date if you had the chance?
-Maybe-but since I didn’t have a date ….or a one night stand even……

5. Skim or Whole Milk?
-1 percent…when I drink the stuff…..

6. Did you have chicken pox as a kid?

7. Price of gas you last paid for?
-You mean VISA doesn’t take care of this for me????

8. Wild night of clubbing or hot movie date in front of the fire?
Hot wild sex in front of the fire (woo hoo!)

9. What’s your highest bowling score?
Dammed if I know….

10. Ever signed onto Myspace and under New Cool People, seen someone you know?
-Yep-Me! Turns out it was a guy using my pic to pick up other guys (AAAHHHH!) (j/k)

11. Do you know karate?
-I know it’s a killer cologne 🙂

12. Worst police-related experience?
-Me & Monster Mike got pulled over in the FLM days & they though there was a rifle in my bass case and that our metronome was a bomb! Only in Oneida…..

13. Next concert and with whom?
-Paul Stanley’s solo tour or KISS!

14. The movie you think everyone needs to see?
-“WAYNE-The Movie”….coming to a dollar store near you 🙂

15. The reason you’re at your computer right now?
-Cause I have no other time to get on due to my “wonderful” job……

16. Would you track your kids with a microchip?
-You mean they’re not already installed?

17. Do you own a nalgene bottle?
-A what? is that a Genie who smells like Naugahyde? 🙂

18. Favorite sentimental song?
-“Out of My Life (I Want You)”-CAROLINE BLUE (Shameless Plug)

19. Favorite accent on someone of the opposite sex?
-Groaning 🙂

20. Last time you used your car horn?
-Hardly ever cause the horn is kinda wimpy…..

21. Did you buy your computer from Dell?
-The pickle place? (I know, I know…..)

22. Scariest movie as a child?

23. Do you do your own laundry?
-At times…..

24. Let the Hispanics stay or boot them back over?
Stay-as long as there’s no trouble….(Applies to any group BTW…)

25. Your pick to win the World Series of 2006.
Uh….the CAROLINE BLUE jays? ( Another Shameless Plug)

26. Your favorite soft drink?
-Diet 7UP-but I mostly drink water……

27. Steak or Shrimp?
-Sounds like a lady asking me about a “Johnson Meal” 🙂

28. Cubed ice or crushed ice?
-Cubed-cause you can then take it and slowly caress it on your lady’s body…..

29. Favorite piece of clothing?
-What I wear on stage…..

30. Favorite 80s Group?

31. If you could go to any concert tomorrow, who would you see?
-KISS/Paul Stanley solo

32. Do you own a planner?
-Not yet but I plan to…..

33. Gym buff, or do you think working out is over-rated?
-Yep-can’t have a flabby WWJ shaking around on those UVTV videos now can we?

34. Can you keep a beat/dance?
-Only if I have a guitar/bass on……

35. Do you play the bounce in beer pong?
-Vas ist Beer Pong?

36. How many times has your profile been viewed?
-Go over there and find out 🙂

37. Favorite McDonalds menu item?
-McChicken Sandwiches for $1!

38. Walmart or Target?
-Target seems classier than Wally World, but Target has no layaway so….

39. Are there dirty dishes in the sink right now?

40. Can you line dance?
-No-that’s why I hire a stunt double…..:)

41. Do you own a TI-83?
-I still haven’t received my TI-82!

42. Most hated class in High School?
-Dammed if I remember…

43. Ever got into a heated debate over religion?
-Kinda-this one guy stopped me at a bus stop and was telling me what Christians are and aren’t & he was going thru a list. Another guy who smoked came up and was nodding his head with what the 1st guy said….until he said “Christians don’t smoke” Talk about a heated debate!

44. Elephant or Donkey?
-Is this a political question?

45. What time is it?
-Time to exercise my forearms…..(woo hoo!)

46. Elaborate why you have the song you do on your profile?
-Cause it’s part of my endless promotion of the band I’m in…..what band you ask? CAROLINE BLUE of course!

47. Favorite item of clothing on the opposite sex?
-Birthday suit

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