09/15/2017-INTERVIEWS-Producer Dan Reynolds from The Federation Files Talks “Walking Bear, Running Wolf”

*”Lt. M’Ress”(Kearstin) with “Walking Bear” (Wayne W. Johnson)*

-Below is a link to an interview Producer Dan Reynolds (THE FEDERATION FILES) had with Jonathan Lane for FAN FILM FACTOR in regards to the episode “Walking Bear, Running Wolf.” I reprised my role as Walking Bear in this. Click HERE to watch the episode on You Tube. Feel free to like / comment / share. Thanks for the kudos here Dan! 🙂


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9/2/2017-ACTING-Recap From Filming on “They’re Here” (White Lion Studios)

-Seven days before filming I got a message from director Ken Cosentino asking if I wanted to be in a short film / trailer that he was producing. It’s called “They’re Here” (WHITE LION STUDIOS)-a sci-fi theme that wouldn’t take too long, but had an early call time-plus I was told it was for the role of “Vincent”-one of the leads. It would also be out near the Buffalo, NY area. I’ve wanted to work on some past projects with Ken for some time-and even sent a video audition for a project that didn’t get off the ground- but for various reasons things didn’t line up back then so I said yes and started making arrangements to get there. (Biking was definitely out-HA!) 🙂

-I arrived just before the call time (8 AM) and saw a number of familiar faces- among them director Greg Lamberson (KILLER RACK-which, when I initially heard about it, was too late for me to audition) who I first met on the set of BATTLEDOGS-I still remember when, I think it was you Greg, who put me in “time out” for a scene or two on that set cause I was playing too many roles 🙂 BTW-Ken was also on that set and even mentioned remembering the day I got badly injured-a day I wish I could forget… ; actor Michael O’Hear (from past horror conventions), and soundmaster Michael McFadden (from “Mohawk”-who told me how to properly pronounce my character’s name from that -which I’ve already forgotten 🙂 ). Ken ran a very pro set up, which made things even easier during filming.

-I didn’t really have to do too much, per se, this day. Since I was told to look kinda bum-ish, I didn’t even put any makeup on (I’m sure that will pick up great on a 4K-YIKES-HA! 🙂 ) and had to be pretty much calm till the end. I got some nice kudos for my performance-which is always appreciated. Before I knew it, I was done. I did accompany the cast and crew to a place in the city (which was as congested as I remember) where we had lunch. Met a few more people from the cast, but I couldn’t stay for the rest of filming- as I had to be on the road cause duty called later that night and I was already on low fumes as is so…

-I had a good time and it was good to work with all that were involved. Maybe this will take off and evolve into a feature film-hey, you never know 🙂 Thanks to all and hopefully we’ll work together again down the road in future projects. Special thanks to Ken for thinking of me for this and hopefully- (based on the quote of you saying you’ve waited five years to direct me 🙂 )- you’ll be directing me in future projects before another five years-same with you Greg! 🙂

Pics can be seen on my acting page on Facebook via the link below.


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8/25/2017-REVIEWS-Video Review of “Night of Something Strange” by Sinister Cinema Reviews

-New video review of NIGHT OF SOMETHING STRANGE by Sinister Cinema Reviews 🙂
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8/24/2017-INTERVIEW-Radio RetroFuture Interview (edited) now Available Online

-Here’s the edited version of the interview I did a live streaming for yesterday with Bonsart Bokel for RADIO RETROFUTURE-which is based in The Netherlands. I go into my background a little as well as talking about ROMEO 3000 and MAD ANGEL FILMS primarily, with nods to CAROLINE BLUE, NIGHT OF SOMETHING STRANGE, TALES OF DRACULA, Ron Bonk, Brian Hewitt, Matt Peters and Courtney Angell-producer of SMEAD-THE MOVIE. Perhaps the unedited version of this will surface in the future 🙂 Thanks Bonsart-I had a great time and look forward to being on again in the future-hopefully with Matt this time 🙂

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08/22/2017-INTERVIEW-Wayne W. Johnson Live Streaming Interview With Radio RetroFuture Wednesday 8/23.

-Tomorrow, Wednesday 8/23/17, at 2 PM EST RADIO RETROFUTURE (The Netherlands) will be conducting a live streaming interview with me via Skype. The focus of this will focus primarily on steampunk and ROMEO 3000 (MAD ANGEL FILMS in association with WWJ PRODUCTIONS). Ch\lick on their event link on Facebook for more info. I believe this will be archived and an edited version, with possible a short clip from R3000, will be included when the edited version of this interview is released.


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8/19/2017-ACTING-Episode “Walking Bear, Running Wolf” (Parts 1 & 2) Released Online

Here’s Parts 1 &2 (as per CBS Guidelines) of the episode “Walking Bear, Running Wolf” by THE FEDERATION FILES. Directed by Glen Wolfe for WOLFE REYNOLDS PRODUCTIONS. Produced by Dan Reynolds, who was also the DP for this. In this I reprise my role as Walking Bear from Star Trek The Animated Series. Many thanks to all that were involved-it was great working with you and hopefully we will do so again in future projects. LLAP.

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8/16/2017-REVIEWS-“Night of Something Strange” by The Bad, The Weird & The Cheesy Podcast (Audio)

-From the Podcast THE BAD THE WEIRD & THE CHEESY w/ Matthew Tangen- find out why he says “WTF” so many times while watching NIGHT OF SOMETHING STRANGE 😀 Thanks Matt \m/


-Check out a huge list of NoSS Reviews, good & bad, by clicking HERE.

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