8/21/2021 – ACTING – WWJ Cameo in Hanover Fist Music Video “Get It Together”

Back on August 2020, I was contacted by Eric Stahle (then drummer for HANOVER FIST as well as brother of UVTV ‘s Rich Stahle (R.I.P.) about filming a cameo clip to be included in the “Get it Together” Music Video they were doing. I filmed a clip and sent it to him. It was approved and included in the video-which premiered on Facebook on January 2021. I wasn’t able to get the video thru other social media, for various reasons, until recently. I have two quick cameos in this, both occurring during the second verse. In the second cameo, you can see me doing a little shameless promo for CAROLINE BLUE as well as getting attacked by a chicken-hawk (???) because of it so… if that’s something you’ve always dreamed of, here you go! (HA!) 🙂 Thanks guys and hope you all enjoy the song and video.

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7/18/2021 – LINKS – New WWJ Links!

-As you may or may not know, one way to keep track of new things you’re being added to online is to sign up with Google Alerts. It’s free and you have it so your subject is in quotes (ex – “Wayne W. Johnson”) and anytime something in those quotes is added somewhere on the net, you get a notification email. I learned this via my band CAROLINE BLUE (although, due to it also being the name of a color, I do (currently) get a lot of notifications that are for that and not my band (but back when the band was active…).

-Anyway, the new links have been added to my LINKS page where you can all sorts of stuff. The new ones are for ROKU, TV WISH, SPECTRUM ON DEMAND and IDOL BIRTHDAYS – which claims I’m 79 years old (!). If that were the case, I’d be writing books on “my secret”-HA! 🙂 You never know what you’ll find about yourself on da interwebs… 🙂

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7/10/2021 – REVIEWS – “How to Beat Every DEATH in “Night of Something Strange” with “Vladimir Putin.”

And now, for something really different…As you may or may not know, I once played the role of the sex-zombie Cornelius (who starts all the chaos) in the horror / comedy / zombie film NIGHT OF SOMETHING STRANGE. There have been a ton of reviews (good & bad) about this film and there’s a whole list of them-and links to them-on my personal site. Having said that, I’ve never encountered a video review quite like this… It’s about 10 minutes long and he kind of has three different reviews of the film-while it’s playing at high speed behind him. The clincher? It’s been doing by Russian President “Vladimir Putin” (??!!). Enjoy… 😮😃

BTW – For more reviews about NoSS, click HERE.

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6/7/2021 – ACTING – Video Clip of WWJ Doing ADR for “Tales of Dracula: Dracula Meets The Wolfman”

-On Sunday, June 6, 2021, I drove over to the HQ for WOLFBAIN PRODUCTIONS to do ADR (Audio Direct Replacement) for the film “TALES OF DRACULA: Dracula Meets The Wolfman.” Most of it were lines, but some were sounds – as this clips shows (at my expense-HA!) 😀

Running Time = 35 Seconds

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5/3/2021 – HONORS – WWJ Congrats GEEKpod Podcast for their 100th Show

-Today marks the 100th episode for the G33KPOD PODCAST – and somewhere within this show is a short clip of me giving congrats and serving a health helping of Wayno’s Homestyle Shameless Promo (HA!) 😀 I was a guest on their show back on May 27, 2017 on a special Syracuse ZombieCon Episode which can be listened to (audio only) HERE. Congrats guys! \m/

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4/23/2021 – INTERVIEW – WWJ Interview on The __ Podcast w/ Ian Slater (over four hours long!)

-On March 13, 2021, I was a guest on The __ Podcast with Ian Slater. This is currently the longest interview I’ve ever done to date – Over four hours (!). All sorts of topics were touched upon including my role as some of my past acting roles including Walking Bear w/ Star Trek: New Voyages / Phase II & The Federation Files, Night of Something Strange, Babysitter Massacre: Heavy Metal, my band CAROLINE BLUE, some points about dealing with business and people in acting & music plus much more. There are things in this interview that I’ve never been asked / discussed before so hang in there when watching / listening. Thank you Ian for having me on and I think it will be quite awhile (if ever) before anyone breaks this length 🙂

-NOTE – Around the one hour, three minute & 20 seconds mark my voice develops this strange echo for some reason. It goes on till the one hour six minute mark and then there’s no audio for about 40 seconds before resuming back to normal. Not sure why but just a heads up for anyone watching / listening.

-Check out more episodes with Ian via the following link


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4/21/2021 – ACTING – New Trailer for “Zillafoot” Released.

-Here’s the new trailer for “Zillafoot” by SRS CINEMA LLC. Directed by Anthony Polonia and starring Cassandra Hayes, Dave Fife, Jeff Kirkendall, James Carolus, Houston Baker, Mark Polonia and more. I play the role of Dr. Mosku in this ode to classic Ultraman / Godzilla shows.

-Pre-orders for “Zillafoot” are still going on and can be ordered via HERE.

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