10/18/2017-ACTING-New Trailer for “Walking Bear, Running Wolf”

Here’s a trailer for “Walking Bear, Running Wolf” (WOLFE REYNOLDS PRODUCTIONS)-a Star Trek Fan Film by THE FEDERATION FILES in Dogpatch Arkansas. Directed by Glen Wolfe and produced by Dan Reynolds. Trailer created by Jim Bumgardner.

-Starring Wayne W. Johnson as Walking Bear, Dana Owen O’Quin as Running Wolf, Allyson Marx as Cmdr. Grace Maren, Frank Jenks as Dr. McCoy and Kearstin as Lt. M’Ress-plus many more.

Watch the whole episode by clicking HERE

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10/8/2017-ACTING-Recap From 2017 Scare-A-Con

October 7, 2017-Due to a number of transitions happening in my life at the moment, I wasn’t originally going to be able to make it out to SCARE-A-CON this year. I’d planned to months earlier, even to where Heather R. from Asylum Convention and Entertainment Services – ACES- was asking if I wanted a table there. Once I heard NIGHT OF SOMETHING STRANGE (NoSS) was going to have a table, I told Heather no cause having two competing NoSS tables wouldn’t work. Unfortunately, Jonathan had to pull out around a week before the convention and, by then, it was too late for me to get a table which, even if I could’ve afforded it, I’m kinda low on my stock of DVDs as well as the afford mentioned transitions.

It was actually MAD ANGEL FILM‘s evil director Matt Peters that got me to come out for a few hours. Unfortunately, that’s not much of an exaggeration in regards to the hours. I did get to run into a number of familiar faces from last year as well as other conventions I’d been to earlier in the year. I do wish I had more time to hang out and chat with them all-maybe next year…I did manage to help a tad with sales on both the Mad Angel Films and SRS CINEMA LLC tables so that was good. Again, wish I had more time to help more. I did manage to sell some NoSS DVDs that I brought with me as well \m/

-I stayed for dinner with the Mad Angels team at a place called Noodles-good stuff-but I couldn’t stay after that, which sucked for a number of reasons-one of which was THE DIVES-a band with Paul Stanley’s son, Evan, in it-was playing a free show at THE GIG. I did pass by him in the foyer so that was cool.

-So even though my time was limited here, I had fun and it was great seeing some old friends here, as well as making some new ones. Hopefully next year I’ll be able to be here longer.

Pics can be seen on my acting page on Facebook


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10/6/2017-SIGHTINGS-Kudos to WWJ During G33kpod Interview with Brian Hewitt & Michael Alan Fitzgerald

Just released-an interview with Brian Hewitt and Michael Alan Fitzgerald over the upcoming release of the film “Transformation” (HEWITT FILMS) on G33KPOD. The movie premieres at the THE PALACE THEATER in Syracuse, NY on Thursday November 9. I play the role of Malachi in this. Thank you all kindly for not only mentioning me during the interview, but boosting my ego into the stratosphere in the process 😀


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10/1/2017-INTERVIEWS-Zombie Con Panel Video Now Online

Here’s a video of a “Zombie Panel” I was a part of during Zombie Con in Liverpool, NY on May 27, 2017. This panel was hosted by Michael Alan Fitzgerald for FIENDISH FILMS STUDIOS, the panel includes Greta Volkova (“Empire State of the Dead”- SRS CINEMA LLC), Mark Joseph Peek (“Half Dead”- MAD ANGEL FILMS), Jeremy Ambler (THE WALKING DEAD) and me- Wayne W. Johnson (NIGHT OF SOMETHING STRANGE). This is the full panel and was a lot of fun. Of special note is Jeremy’s insights on “Zombie School” and one way you can get kicked out of it 😀 Kudos for members of G33KPOD on the sidelines and thanks to all for putting up with my cornball jokes 😀

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9/30/2017-VIDEO-“Live, Love & Support Independent Films”

Here’s a little video clip made by Chris Gibson for CML THEATER MOVIE REVIEW & CML ENTERTAINMENT. Chris always has an interesting way to react to what he sees / reviews and this is no exception 🙂 Included here is a clip of me in action in NIGHT OF SOMETHING STRANGE. *This clip is definitely NSFW so if you’ve put off by gore and nudity, you’ve been warned…* 🙂

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9/21/2017-HONORS / AWARDS-“She Kills” & “Night of Something Strange” Grabs Several Awards at 2017 Toxff-including WWJ as “Best Villain” in NoSS

Back in June 2017, the nominees for the TOXIC FILM FESTIVAL TOXFF Awards were announced. Both NIGHT OF SOMETHING STRANGE and SHE KILLS were up for several awards-including my role as Cornelius in the Best Villain Award category. Today, the results were posted. She Kills won awards for Goriest Film, Best Poster Art, Craziest Cinematic Death & Best Femme Fatale (Jennie Russo). NoSS picked up awards in Best Feature, Best Practical FX (Colby Flinchum) and….Best Villain (Woo Hoo!) 🙂 Congrats to all the winners. I can finally have one of those logo thingies on my pic 🙂 This will be my second acting award-the first for Best Villain for my role as Tybalt in ROMEO 3000 (MAD ANGEL FILMS in association with WWJ PRODUCTIONS).

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9/17/2017-ACTING-Recap from Exit 33 Pirates Weekend Live Performance

*”Johnny Red” (Wayne W. Johnson) pictured with “Pirate Queen Quigley” (Lynzie Quinn)*

-Back in early July, 2017 I was contacted by Lynzie Q. (aka PIRATE QUEEN QUIGLEY) in regards to being part of her crew during Pirates Weekend at EXIT 33 at TURNING STONE CASINO. I’d never played a pirate before or had a gig at Turning Stone-plus it was paying as well as being free from other scheduling conflicts. In addition, I was told that I was also told that this could also lead to recurring gigs down the road as well so I said yes. I’d be playing the role of “Johnny Red”-her brother and second in command.

-I did pick up some DVDs of PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN for research but, truthfully, they didn’t help much character wise. Costume idea wise yes. Since this was more for entertainment and family friendly per se, I went with a more “flirty” type of pirate. In the past, Lynzie told me she’d had actors who basically paid attention to only “the pretty ones”-so I made sure to basically hit on everyone- young (over 18 of course) or old, male or female. It was a challenge to play in many ways cause, number one-I was basically improving the entire time. Luckily, I tend to say a lot of cheesy, sexual innuendo-type jokes as is, but I had to push that into overdrive here. The second point is a lesson I’d learned from the CAROLINE BLUE days-in which if I’m paying more attention to a woman, their men (more often than not) didn’t like that. If I even sensed that here (and even when I didn’t), I’d shift the attention to the guy-which almost always got a smile / laugh as well as rendering everything harmless. Of course, I could only do this while in “Johnny Red” mode. The costume just seemed to make it all legit.

-I met up with the rest of the crew and we had a number of days where we either got together to hash things out, go over arrangements and / or dress rehearsals. What I wasn’t able to get on my own (either buying or using parts of my ROMEO 3000 costume), I was able to borrow from Lynzie. I didn’t really have the full outfit and stuff on till the first night of the performance.

-On Friday September 15 I arrived and parked in the garage-too far away from the entrance. That sucked cause not only did I have to lug all the gear that distance, but had to basically do that twice cause I’d left my sabre on top of the roof of my car. If I didn’t see most of the group already outside, I would’ve been quite lost. As is, I got into the dressing rooms-which are quite nice by the way-and started to get into “Johnny Red” mode.

-I was able to get pics on the first night there, but the second night was way more crowded and I had to be “in character” the whole time so the cell phone went into my pouch for most of Saturday. Basically, all I had to do was interact with people-no events per se until Saturday. It was nice to go into a number of the places in here without waiting in line and getting searched-although, for fun, I let one of the female security members search me anyways 🙂 I was basically in five areas throughout.

-On Friday I went to THE GIG, where the band REDLINE was playing. I didn’t stay long cause, due to the loudness of the music, I couldn’t interact too much with people. On top of that, several people recognized me from the CAROLINE BLUE days-there was even an Ex-CB member in the crowd there-so it was a little hard to talk to them in “Johnny Red” mode. From what I heard, the band sounded great. GRIDLEY PAIGE played the next night but I wasn’t able to see them.

-On Saturday night I was able to spend some time in THE TIN ROOSTER, where THE BEADLE BROTHERS BAND was playing. One of the costume contests was held here-Best Ships Captain and Second Mate. I was in here for awhile cause I was one of the people who had to find people in a pirate costume and hand them a tolkien (an Exit 33 guitar pick) to get them into the contest. I’d never been in here before, nor seen a band playing their style of music, but it sounded great and had fun.

-On both nights I ended up in the LAVA DANCE CLUB. I wasn’t in there for too long Friday night due to the same problem in all the previously mentioned places, music too loud so as not being able to interact as well. I was in there more Saturday cause the “Best Booty contest” was in there and I again had to hand out guitar picks. I also ended up with some of the pirates, and the crowd, on the stage dancing (!)-which can be a little tricky when you have a metal sabre at your hip. I’d never been in here when it was live so this was an experience. This was also the area where the most drunk people were-at least that I saw.

-The outer area in-between all the above clubs (I don’t know the name) is where I spent most of my time on both nights. Just basically interacting with people. Got my picture taken by a good number of people. Even got my butt slapped a few times-as well as one woman trying to kiss me during a pic (she got my cheek cause I diverted my lips 🙂 This is also where famous CAPTAIN JACK FOR HIRE CNY Rick Martinez was here doing his thing. I heard so many people saying he looks just like Johnny Depp-except, as he would say, he’s taller and better looking 🙂 He does a really great job. Also on-hand was Jim Hanselman, who played Captain Barbossa-and who also was a dead ringer for him. I’m so glad he had the monkey on his shoulder-more than once I was talking to people and, if he was nearby, asked people if they’d like to not only meet him, but as to play / spank his monkey (HA!). I can tell you this much-it got a much better reaction than when I asked people if they could play / spank with mine (HA!) 😀 Not to mention there was skeletal “Jack Sparrow” on stilts (Craig Loomis)-that was a trip. I don’t think I could be on stilts for as long as he was.

-The last area was Saturday in the afternoon-The Atrium I think? It’s at the bottom where the escalators go from the event center. We were there most of the afternoon. It’s there I found out about the “no camera” rule. It was also the area where I did the most interaction. There were a ton of people there-and there was a reason why. I would like to take this time to thank BARRY MANILOW for performing this night cause it gave me so much to work with. It’s was cool that his dressing room wasn’t too far away from ours. I can’t remember how many times I asked people if they were here to see “The Manilow” and talked about how I tried to sneak into his dressing room to see his “rose covered bed” only to get thrown out by his security force-hence the security force in his hallway (I actually got a pic of that). Several people asked me if I could get them into his dressing room 🙂 It was a blast. Honestly, I actually like a number of his songs so it was just all in good fun. There were also some lovely ladies (Hannah & Shelby) from AMS MODELS AND TALENT here who were handing beads out to people. I even did that myself-although they did get tangled in my hair numerous times. I even ran into four more at the top of the escalator, but could only be there for a moment-I had to be in the other area, but more than once I started talking to someone, following them as I did, and then-after they left-turned around and either said “where am I?” and / or went back and the crew were gone.

– If there were any snags, it was mainly with the head scarf-my hair just doesn’t like to be contained. There were a couple of times I did wander off into an area that I wasn’t suppose to be in. At the first contest, which was for “Hottest Pirate Cougar,” Lynzie’s whip actually hit me in the neck twice-not at the tip, but it still stung. It happens. I only ran into a couple of rude people-and I wasn’t grabbed in my privates like some of the other crew were.

-Overall I had a great time-I have to give a shout out also to the great staff at Exit 33 / Turning Stone-they were all wonderful, helpful and quite tolerate of my bad jokes 🙂 The pizza after the gig was awesome as well. Big thanks to all the pirate crew-it was interesting watching them all do their thing. Many of them have done this before-this was my first ride. Special thanks to Lynzie for having me aboard. Hopefully we can all do this again in the future.

-Pics can be seen on my Acting page on Facebook via the link below.


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