10/2/2019-INTERVIEWS- WWJ Chillin’ With The Rick in Oneida, NY

-Last night I did a lengthy interview (episode #20) with Rick Smith for his show CHILLIN WITH THE RICK and before I got home it was already up on Facebook 🙂 Coming to YouTube as well…A number of topics including my early years, acting, music, CAROLINE BLUE and much more plus A LOT of cheesy jokes (Hey-it’s me! :)). There’s even a post there explaining why I have all those different FB pages 🙂 Thanks again Rick – he’s already telling me what he wants to happen in a second interview 🙂

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9/30/2019-HEALTH-Update on Biopsy: It’s Not Cancer But…

-For those who may or may not know, On Tuesday, August 27, I had a biopsy to determine if what was detected via chest x-ray and two cat scans- which was enlargement of multiple lymph nodes-was the worst-case scenario; this being having lymphoma-a slow type of cancer. It was also the same night KISS was playing in Syracuse and-for those who don’t know-yes, I did make it to the concert and had a great time 🙂 When I got out of the biopsy, I had the scar as well as a large swelling around it. The swelling is almost gone now. I was also concerned that, since two tubes were down my throat at the same time (one was the breathing tube and the other with a camera so the doctor could look at both the inside and outside of my lungs), that there was a possibility of damage to my vocal cords. I’m happy to report that I have the high and mid ranges back (I never lost (fully or partially) my low range). Staying power isn’t what it was but I can recover some of that (maybe more) with vocal exercise-which I’m back to doing (and was doing for over a decade now). The good news is that I don’t have cancer, but…

-The doctor did tell me that I do have something-and that is called Sarcoidosis. Now, I’m by no means an expert of this but I will try to explain a few things from my research. Please feel free to correct/add to the info if you’d like… Of course, the first search I had to hit a site where they were talking about what happens if it’s chronic and, if really bad, one can have a life expectancy of maybe ten years tops. Great huh? I don’t even know if that’s really accurate but that didn’t set the tone very well obviously. I kept on pushing on though…

-Sarcoidosis is, well, taken from WebMD.com…

Sarcoidosis is an inflammatory disease that affects multiple organs in the body, but mostly the lungs and lymph glands. In people with sarcoidosis, abnormal masses or nodules (called granulomas) consisting of inflamed tissues form in certain organs of the body.

-It would seem that mine is located, at this time, in the lungs and lymph nodes. A friend of mine also had it in the kidneys and they were only working around 40%. Other places can be the eyes, skin, joints and basically every organ you have. With the lungs, the granulomas, if they become fully formed, can cause scarring-which is when the damage really gets bad there. There are also other multiple symptoms-some common for all and some linked to where it’s located. Obviously, I have some of them and they are the following…

-The first symptom I have is fatigue. This is an autoimmune disease. That means my immune system is trying to fight this and it’s not working-yet keeps trying anyway. As a result, I tend to get tired and worn out faster. So it’s not all just aging (HA!) 🙂 Some of those pics of me sleeping on the JOHNNY Z set and a few others…perhaps it was tied into this (although there were also other things that were probably involved-heat wave, lack of sleep and more). This is currently my number one challenge with all this cause I’m getting hit by so many things at this time that I’m really getting worn down at times…

-The second symptom I have is shortness of breath (at times)-which ties in with the lungs. It’s much better than how I was last year-especially during various fight scenes so this isn’t too bad, but it did get to me once while outside on the set of “Babysitter Massacre: Heavy Metal” earlier this year. It sucks but I just have to pace myself better and am working on it. I also have to again say it’s WAY better than it was last year.

-A third symptom is a persistent dry cough. Like the shortness of breath, it’s nowhere near as bad as it was last year. Hell, at times, I had a few people say all the coughing last year sounded like I had walking pneumonia (!). While I still have this almost daily, it happens about one time per day-on average-and ends real quick. Last year I was even having trouble sleeping due to all the coughing. It doesn’t do that anymore so that’s one less reason out of the mix…

-A fourth symptom is brain fog. Specifically-being harder to focus and have mental clarity. Usually comes along with the fatigue-and sometimes may just be a product of said fatigue. When they both hit, I really can’t do too much but chill and/or try to catch up on sleep. While I can power out of it at times, it gets a little harder to do as I get older…

-A fifth interesting symptom that I was told about (and confirmed by my friend who has it) is that it can amplify feelings of anxiety (which I really don’t have so not really bad) and depression (THAT’s the bad one). So for those who read my 2018 YEAR IN REVIEW…was parts of that being amplified by this? I’ll never really know…

-I really haven’t experienced any others as of yet per se and hopefully won’t. A few friends have messaged me telling me of their experiences with Sarcoidosis. I was told that there are many cases where it went into remission after awhile-maybe a year or more-and stayed that way. Having said that, there’s no cure for this and no type of on-going treatment. If it gets bad what is usually given is a type of steroid (just what I needed…to get bigger right? 🙂 ) but that’s a temporary thing. I have an appointment with a pulmonary specialist in the coming months so time will tell. Hopefully, I’ll be one of the lucky ones where it decreases, not increases…

-One other interesting thing is that there’s no known cause for Sarcoidosis. They don’t really know how it happens. It was first detected when I had my chest x-ray but if I didn’t have that…I’ll never know how I got it or, even more importantly, how long I’ve had it. I know I was having shortness of breath problems during a fight scene on a beach for a movie (that will basically, IMO, never see the light of day due to the unreal amount of BS surrounding it) back in 2015. Was Sarcoidosis a factor in that or was it just me not being in P90X shape anymore (which totally sucks and needs to be worked on…)? I’ll never know that either…

-FYI…if you don’t see me posting as much and/or not responding as much, I’ve become the caretaker for my parents this year so that takes priority over all else. Thank you for your understanding…

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9/19/2019-ACTING- Recap from Pirate Weekend at Exit 33/Turning Stone

-9/13-14/2019 – Months earlier I was once again asked by THE PIRATE QUEEN QUIGLY (Lynzie Quinn) to accompany her during Pirate Weekend at Exit 33 in Turning Stone Casio; reprising my role as “Johnny Red.” Initially, due to scheduling on my part, I didn’t know if I could do it this year but I was glad to see that things cleared out for those days and I was able to make it. It’s always an interesting acting gig cause it almost entirely relies on improvisation. While I have a few stock replies, one is almost reliant on what someone says to you depending on what they say is how you reply. So basically, you have to come up with the reply on the fly. Obviously, there’s a good chance of crashing and burning, but it’s like any skill or muscle per se – the more you use it, the better you get. Yes, there’s exceptions-hence why I said “per se” but I digress…

-The first night was a little slow in regards to turn out and time passing. I had enough trouble with the chest holster for my blunderbuss (on loan by the Queen) so this year I just stuck it down the front of my pants. That did open up an opportunity for me to talk about my “wood” when people tried to grab it 🙂 For those who don’t know, “Johnny Red”-as per the color in his name- is a tad on the “flaming” side so to speak. 😀 It makes for an interesting performance. I did get my butt grabbed a number of times this first night-and here I forgot to bring my butt pads 🙂 The crew was a little short-handed tonight-only four of us this first night (The Queen, Little Jack/Stilty (Craig Loomis), Captain Barbossa (Jim Hanselman). There was also some trouble. One guy decided he could get a little handy with The Queen’s Front and, since he wouldn’t let go-she bit him 😀 This caused him to become delirious in lust and, not too long afterward, was seen being “escorted” towards the back by security personnel. There was also a guy who was yelling at someone outside The Tin Rooster (AKA “The Big Cock” in Johnny Red’s world 😀 ). and was eventually told by security to go home. He would about ten feet back, turn around and just wait. This happened two more times. Not sure what happened to him by night’s end…

-I did have one guy not too happy with me, I guess. A lady wanted me to pose with this guy (her boyfriend?) next to the skull display and he kind of freaked out, power walking away from me while saying stuff like” No F*ckin’ way am I getting a pic with him!” and stuff-even while she kept laughing and insisting that he stay for the pic. I guess I shouldn’t have asked him if he wanted to hold onto my wood for the pic 😀

-The next night-man did time fly by. The place was packed! Not only was there more pirates (CAPTAIN JACK FOR HIRE CNY (Rick Martinez) here, but also a number of people who came dressed in pirate gear). In addition, there were two lovely pirate lasses who were handing out beads by the boxload as well as three lovely showgirls who were all from the tri-state area. The line to The Tin Rooster was quite long. Nothing bad/dramatic happened, but wow did time go by fast. I had some lovely encounters with various people-including this wonderful couple who had met in Germany (I believe) and told me she was Mormon-which lead to an interesting discussion on how Mormons are portrayed on Porn Hub (not that I would know from personal experience of course) 🙂

-I had a great time but man did the time fly by…Thanks to The Queen for having me involved and hopefully I’ll be invited to future events (with advanced notice of course-it takes me a while to even grow what facial hair I actually had those nights…).

Pics from both nights can be seen on my Acting page on Facebook

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8/28/2019-HEALTH-Aftermath From Biopsy – My First Experience with Surgery & Anesthesia

-While I’ve been doing some hints here and there at times via social media (read: vague-posting (HA!), yesterday was a post on my personal page on Facebook about me going into minor surgery (AKA biopsy) in the early morning. Obviously, this had been in the works for a while now. Some background info on this…

-Last year, while filming down in Virginia for JOHNNY Z in an abandoned house, I started having this dry cough. It progressed to the point to where, as I was being driven to the bus station on my last day there, I couldn’t stop coughing. Now, I’m not saying the house or that production is to blame. Other possibilities could be my diet at the time and overall failing health-due to some bad decisions made in late 2018, my life overall was deteriorating rapidly (click HERE for my 2018 Year in Review for some details) which including eating a lot of junk food regularly-to the point where, on set, I was the heaviest I’d ever been. The storm of depression was at hurricane levels at this point as well. It also could be some kind of virus. I guess what I’m trying to say is I don’t really know how this came about-only that it has happened and I have to deal with it.

-The thing is, for most of 2018 I was unemployed hence I had no health insurance. Considering how much things are costing me now (and that’s WITH health insurance), I can only imagine how much higher my bills would be. But once I did get health insurance and got past the grace period, I began to look into seeing what was going on. While the coughing had decreased, it was still happening every day. On top of that, there’s like this pressure around my throat, as well as phlegm build-up, which makes it sometimes hard to speak/sing. Considering that I still have music I want to release for CAROLINE BLUE (even though I’m working at a snail’s pace on all things CB-I’m still working on it) I wanted to find out what was going on and if I could get rid of this thing.

-So earlier this year I finally went to see a doctor about it. Things started with a chest X-ray but rapidly progressed to two cat scans. Not a good sign. One was centered around my throat/chest region, the other centered around my abdomen/pelvis area. Then I got the results: I had multiple enlarged lymph nodes. This could be from three things: infection, inflammation or, worse case, lymphoma-a slow type of cancer. Considering how health-conscious I am (with the exception of junk food in the last few years), that took me by surprise. Cancer. Me possibly having that. It’s amazing what goes thru the mind when you receive news of that possibility.

-The doctors wanted to schedule me for a biopsy ASAP but I had to delay it due to filming on two productions where I had speaking roles- “Johnny Z” and TALES OF DRACULA: DRACULA MEETS THE WOLFMAN; especially the latter one where I had some big monologues to do. I’ve admitedly become a little paranoid as I’ve gotten older and tend to have this morbid mindset whenever something like this comes up-or even when, for example, I ever have to travel out of state for acting or whatnot. It’s to the point where I almost expect this to happen in order to be safe-if that makes any sense. I had two main concerns in regards to the biopsy-one which is resolved and the other-time will tell.

-The first was being put under via anesthesia. I’ve never had that happen to me before so there was that unknown factor to deal with. What if I’m one of those rare ones who don’t wake up? In addition, contrary to instruction, for some reason, I drank some water twice in the time period when I wasn’t supposed to before surgery. No food or drink at all for basically eight hours before the surgery. I thought the water was OK but it wasn’t. For those of you who may be wondering, here’s why. When you sleep, your muscles can still move involuntarily at times. When you’re under anesthesia, you are totally paralyzed. So one, there is a possibility of blood clots forming and two, if you ate or drank something, it just sits in your stomach. With the tubes down your throat, this can cause what is known as “aspiration pneumonia” which means your body starts to induce vomiting-which causes any food and/or drink you have to end up in your lungs. Not good. Luckily it was just water and not, for example, coffee with cream. The cream alone would cause a delay of six hours (!) for the surgery. Obviously, since I’m typing this on the day after, any worries about waking up are now behind me.

-The second concern is still ongoing. While under anesthesia, there’s a breathing tube put down my throat. You can see from the pic where the incision was made for the biopsy so I got a souvenir from the show (HA!). In addition to that, the doctor also wanted to insert a tube with a camera on it to get a detailed look of the inside and outside of my lungs. As you can surmise, this would be a tight squeeze down my air pipe and. more specifically, my vocal cords. There is the possibility of them being damaged. Right after the biopsy, most of my neck was numb and, at the KISS concert later that night-walking towards The Amp-I coughed and spit out a thick chunk of bloody phlegm. Nice huh? As of today, the numbing has gone down to just right in the throat area. My diet is basically ice cream and other soft foods (a Big Mac is considered a soft food right?-HA!)-which has increased the pounds on me but here’s a surprise-at this moment, I’m sick of ice cream. Who the hell gets sick of ice cream? Maybe the anesthesia caused some brain damage? 🙂

-The only other thing that happened was my right calf was really in pain-to where I still have a slight limp walking as of today. Seems like I had a major leg cramp but, because I was asleep and paralyzed, I never knew about it till I woke up-and it tied for the soreness in my throat area so that was an experience.

-Now I just have to wait for the results. I was told that the doctor told my close friend Sarah R. (both her and her boyfriend Aaron drove me to St. Joseph’s. There was the real possibility that I might have had to drive myself to this but they knocked some sense into me 🙂 ) that, while he wants to wait for the results, chances are very good that I don’t have cancer and what I do have can be treated. So if I can just get past paying off the medical bills-and if all goes well with my vocal cords (currently all of my high range and a good chunk of my mid-range are gone-and don’t worry, I won’t even attempt any singing till I totally recover)-I’ll be back to being all peachy keen-at least on this front.

-I just want to give a very deep thanks to all the people who responded to that Facebook post yesterday with well-wishes-as well as any in advance after I post this. It makes me feel like this moment from “The Jerk” with Steve Martin – albeit hopefully not after the 0:53 moment (HA!).

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8/24/2019-ACTING-Recap from First Weekend Filming on “Tales of Dracula: Dracula Meets The Wolfman”

**WWJ Pictured with actors Mickey Ray (Dr. Von Helsing) & John Carey (The Conductor-to be revealed as…ah, that would be telling…)

8/16-8/18, 2019 – This weekend is the beginning of my REAL filming on “TALES OF DRACULA: Dracula Meets The Wolfman.” The time before was mainly a costume fitting (which I did lose more weight this weekend to fit in the new costume a little better) and a shot of my cape-which anyone could’ve done but I insisted cause I was being a not-so-little bitch (HA!) 😀 The bus ride was a trial cause my seat was down halfway and I couldn’t adjust it, nor could I change seats. My neck/trapezius muscle got cramped as a result-and I can still feel it as I type this. Director Joe DeMuro picked me up and took me to my hotel room and then it was off to Wolfbain Productions Studios.

-It was great being reunited with a good chunk of the cast/crew from Tales 1. Jay Novelli (Father Boris) was now a producer for Tales 2 and had some cool stories about his time as Moe in a Three Stooges Tribute Act as well as other things like Star Trek. He also filmed some of the conversations from time to time. He, as well as John Carey (The Conductor-to be revealed as…ah, that would be telling…), took a bunch of the pics during this shoot. In addition to these actors were Mickey Ray (Von Helsing) and Tom Delillo (The Wolfman) – who I got to act out some scenes with. I think people will be pleasantly surprised at what is in store this time. Still faithful to the classics, but having said that, taking a few steps towards what I call “The DeMuroverse”-enough to be quite the head turner so to speak 🙂

-Of course, the whole of Wolfbain Productions was back as well. Ron Chamberlain was here to do my makeup and I bet I’m now in his Top 5 sweatiest actors he’s ever had to deal with-if not higher 😀 The new costume is awesome, but it IS three layers of clothing under hot lights. I was told that, at one point, the makeup was dripping off of me. There was a time where another hour or so was taken to re-apply the whole thing that’s how bad I was sweating it off. Of course, my hair had to go everywhere it wasn’t supposed to go as well. #thestruggleisreal 🙂

-I did some stuff with Mickey the first night and with Tom the second. Actress Casandra Hayes (“Elsa” from Tales 1) also stopped by on the second day to say “hey!” and infect everyone with her energy. I’ll have twelve of what she’s having please 🙂 While the first night ended before midnight, the second night lasted till around 4 AM. I also had to be up earlier the second night to take part in a makeup tutorial. We also got a visit from Marquis DeBlood (Mark Dickenson) who I did an interview with (with some “interesting” questions I might add) as well as discussing the possibility of a “re-match” between our characters from “Bataille De Sang.” Time will tell if that comes about…

-Sunday was more of a relaxed day until I got back on the bus. Did some power napping here and there. I seem to, as of late, be spending more time on various sets doing that. Getting older is a bitch 🙂 There were some great funny moments during this shoot-like how I mispronounced “respite” until it was spotted during rehearsal and how, after already a day of filming behind us, “Evil Audio Director” yells “CUT!” (causing a five-hour power struggle between him and Joe….no, no, no…:) and then saying-in the middle of a long monologue I was nailing -“Where are his fangs?” Again, we’ve all been shooting for over a day already when that was said. It was so cool if this whole exchange was caught on tape and added onto a blooper reel right? 🙂

-So, at this point, about 40% of filming is done for this. Hopefully, pickups are minimal. I’m sure ADR will have to be done and, for some reason, traffic got heavier whenever we started filming…It was great to be back in “Drac Mode” again. I hope I did the role justice. I did change my approach a little this time around let’s see if anyone notices and/or approves 🙂 Looking forward to knocking out the other scenes on this in the near future.

-Pics can be seen on my Acting Page on Facebook via the following link


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8/16/2019-ACTING-First Day Recap Filming on “Blind Cop 2”

*Pic by Ron Bonk*

8/13/2019 – I received a message from director Alec Bonk wanting to know if I could play the role of “Titan”-the top henchman for his top villain in BLIND COP 2 filming in Syracuse. After going over details I said yes-cause he needed me, for sure, that night for the first scene I’d be in. We were in a junkyard and the full moon was out. Great location. Met some of the actors and crew and had a blast. I wore a ski mask (which Ron Bonk thinks I should wear in all my films and probably in real life 🙂 ) and a thick classic leather jacket but it was night time so I didn’t melt. As usual, I had a fun time on set and look forward to knocking out the remaining scenes soon as scheduling permits.

Pics can be seen on my Acting page on Facebook via the following link


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8/15/2019-ACTING-Recap on Final Day Filming + ADR on “Johnny Z”

-8/9-8/11, 2019 – Back in Virginia again for final pickups and ADR (Audio Direct Replacement) for JOHNNY Z . I had a MUCH better fuel-efficient car this time, but the overall costs were higher. It happens…The two scenes I had to do were knocked out quickly, although on the second I was starting to doze off at times. One can only go on with lack of full sleep for so long…Kind of nice that I was told I looked like a “Terminator” at times. Any Terminator Fan Films in need of actors? 🙂 After all that we went back to Jonathan’s to do ADR. I had one line to do from a scene at the prison and I got it quick. Not to brag, but I’m good at ADR (*knoc on wood=my head-HA!*) and, unlike most actors I know, I don’t have a problem doing it. If that’s what it takes so people can hear me loud and clear, give me more. I’ve been on enough productions where the sound was spotty and it, to be blunt, sucks. Then I had to do ADR for the final fight scene-not only the line I had, but all the grunts and noises I made during the fight. It was done in two takes-and the only reason it took two takes cause, on the first one, Jonathan forgot to hit record 🙂 And with that, I should be all done. Hope you guys get to see this one-it’s looks awesome! Thanks to all cast and crew on this one and I’ll probably see many of you when we start on “NoSS 2.”

-Pics can be seen on my Acting page on Facebook via the following link


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