8/21/2022 – ACTING – Pics / Recap From Filming on “Tales of Dracula: Dracula Meets The Wolfman” (7/23/22).

7/23/2022 – This was the day I went on the road to shoot for TALES OF DRACULA: Dracula Meets The Wolfman. It was just to re-do the final fight scene. I got off to a late start and missed call by over two hours. I’d already messaged a day or two earlier that I would be late anyways, but part of the lateness was due to a car accident. Traffic slowed to a crawl for several miles. There was even a notification on my GPS about it. Looks like a guy’s car had burst into flames somehow. I just saw the charred remains. Saw the guy sitting on a guard rail, looking so dejected…

-I get there and the first thing make-up artist Ron Chamberlain says to me is, “What happened to your hair?” I had a bad feeling about this – and had even told director Joe DeMuro about my concerns months earlier, but one of the lovely “aftereffects” that having Covid Pneumonia left me was accelerated hair loss. I would say I’ve lost almost 50% of my hair in the first half of this year. I used to have thick, fine hair. Now it’s thin and coarse. I’ve been using several things to try to jump start hair growth, but it has only gone so far. There’s an obvious difference, but we filmed anyways. It’s very disappointing to me, but I did everything I could. At least I got this far.Three months earlier I thought I’d end up having a skullet – it was starting to get that bad.

-In addition, the right FX contact wasn’t fitting right and caused me irritation thru out the day. My eye was kind of messed up the next day for almost all day, but it recovered.

-On top of that, it was very hot and humid this day – at least in the 90’s if not more. I was basically sweating the makeup off as fast as it was put on. I had to go to my car several times to try to cool off with the air conditioning in there. Me being a “sweater” didn’t help things. I even filmed a few videos of myself with updates as I was in the car.

-I have to say that what we shot today for the fight scene was a lot better than what was done before so that was good. Towards the end, the clasp for my cape broke – as did the spare – so we did the best we could. I was there for about 12 hours and didn’t get home till just before 2:00 AM.

-So now with that out of the way, we just have the new footage scenes to film and that’s that.

-Below are two short videos I made while trying to cool off via my car’s AC early on in the filming. Pics can be seen on my Acting Page on Facebook via the link below.


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7/31/2022 – MUSIC – CAROLINE BLUE Performing at The Oneida American Legion on 9/24/2022

It’s been awhile… 🙂 \m/

CAROLINE BLUE will be performing at THE ONEIDA AMERICAN LEGION on Saturday September 24, 2022. Admission is FREE. Special Guests AZ IF, who will start at 7 PM. CAROLINE BLUE will be going on around 9 PM.

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7/15/2022 – ACTING – “Rustler’s Promenade to Show at Film Festival in Spain

-Western Short Film “Rustler’s Promenade” (DIRTY SWEATER PRODUCTIONS) has been accepted into THE ALMERIA WESTERN FILM FESTIVAL in Spain. I play the role of Rico in this.

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6/23/2022 – ACTING – “Rustler’s Promenade” on WMHT / PBS Friday 6/24/2022 at 10:30 PM

This Friday (6/24), a short film I was in called “Rustler’s Promenade” (Dirty Sweater Productions – directed by Charity Buckbee) will be shown on Channel WMHT / PBS (yes, on TV) which is Channel 11 in the Albany area (perhaps Channel 24 in Syracuse) at 10:30 PM. You can see me leading a band of Rustlers in the barn when the the promo clips starts at the 2nd half of this video. Hope it’s shown in CNY and beyond…

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5/17/2022 – R.I.P. – Jessica McGuire

– On Monday (5/16/22), I received a shocking message from a mutual friend of myself and Jessica McGuire-Ellis. She had passed away that previous Saturday (5/14) from cancer. I’m still in shock over this. She was a very strong & vivacious woman who had previously beaten cancer three times (maybe more). During a stretch of time, Jess was closer to me than anyone else save my parents. She was a very important part of my life. Pivotal – to the point where if I had never met her, and with all that followed during our time together, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. An example would be her love of cats, which ignited my love for them. There are still things I say / do based from our time together. In addition, as I’ve said many times in the past onward, from the ashes of our marriage came forth CAROLINE BLUE – and all that followed that – so I’m not being overly dramatic when I say, if we’d never met, my life would be quite different. While there was a lot of bad blood between us for many years, the last time we talked (which was very rare BTW), it seemed liked we had both come to a kind of peace with our past. She was happy with her life, her family and her animals and I was moving forward with my life. She had been battling cancer for years and was glad to hear when she’d survived each time that she did. Now she’s gone….

– I really don’t have much else to say right now. Perhaps at another time…My condolences to her family and friends – especially for her son Jaden. It’s strange…I always thought Jess would outlive me. It’s just a feeling I always had – and I wish she did. Goodbye Jess. May you Rest In Peace. Despite all the distress between us, I will always have a place in my heart for you – and I will miss you…



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2/19/2022 – ACTING – “Reel Monsters” Released

-Back in 2017, I went down to Pennsylvania to work on a feature film that would eventually become known as “Reel Monsters” (Formerly “In Search Of”) – a Bigfoot / kids film. Director Mark Polonia had reached out to be in this and I play the role of Clyde, a bad guy (of course) in this. The film has gone thru some name changes / production companies but is now out and can be seen via Amazon Prime. Below is the trailer for the film and below that is a link to my acting page on Facebook with pics and a recap of my time there – as well as a link to the Reel Monsters Amazon Prime page. It took five years, but I’m glad this finally got released. Hopefully, this will be the start of several other unreleased (currently) films I’m in… 🙂

WWJ ACTING PAGE on FACEBOOK (Reel Monsters Page)


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1/30/2022 – ACTING – “Earworm”

-If memory serves, not too long after finishing up on “Rustler’s Promenade,” I was contacted by DIRTY SWEATER PRODUCTIONS (DSP) for a role in their next project – a feature film (their first) called “Earworm.” Due to some issues on my end, there was a delay in me replying but eventually I was able to say yes. The role was for Bob Trower, an older jerk-like guy. I got permission to modify my lines to make him more like an asshole like me (HA!) 😀 Since I signed a NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement), I can’t give out info about the movie. I was there for just a day and had a great time with a great cast & crew. I was a little rusty, but got thru it. DSP has been cranking out their projects so I don’t see this one taking long to finish and enter post-production. Keep an eye out on the DSP page for more info on this as well as “Messy Boys” and Rustler’s Promenade.”

-I got some pics from filming and permission to post them. Click on the link below to check them out.


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