11/9/2018-ACTING-“Night of Something Strange” Arrives in Japan as “Monster Motel.”

-Here’s a picture of the DVD cover for NIGHT OF SOMETHING STRANGE (HURRICANE BRIDGE ENTERTAINMENT) from Japan. Over there, NoSS goes by the name of “Monster Motel.” Directed by Jonathan Straiton. To order this version of NoSS, check out the link below….


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10/14/2018-VIDEO-“Tales of Dracula” Full Movie Now on You Tube

WOLFBAIN PRODUCTIONS has released the film TALES OF DRACULA on You Tube. That’s the entire film so if you wanted to see it, now’s your chance. Directed by Joe DeMuro and starring Joe as The Monster, Tom Delillo as Creighton Reed / The Wolfman, Greta Volkova as Ilona, Dwight Kemper as Anton, Cassandra Hayes as Elisa, David Merrell as Daniel, Mickey Ray as Von Helsing, Courtney Bennett as Victoria Frankenstein, Laura Brink as Ingrid and more-not to mention some guy named Wayne W. Johnson playing Dracula). In addition, the sequel to this “Tales of Dracula: Dracula Meets The Wolfman” is back in production so keep on the look out for news and updates on that in the coming months.

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11/4/2018-ACTING-Final Days Filming on “She Dances With Matches.”

-11/2-3/2018 – The final days of filming with horror short film “She Dances With Matches.” Location for this part was in Willamstown, NY -which Google Maps loved taking me a different way each time I went up there. The first night was the heavier night for me cause I had to get physical as well as saying lines. It was fun and, with the exception of one moment where the line just disappeared out of my head (old age?) pretty much what I did was one take line wise. Action wise, of course, was more than once but not a problem. It’s actually a little harder to breathe wearing that mask than I had anticipated, but it was all good. Some latex got spilled onto my pants (as you can see from the one pic) so I did my best to cover it up. Course, I was in a Wal-Mart later that night (sans mask) so I’m sure people were wondering if I needed to know what isle the depends were 🙂 The next day was a quick one for me-just a few things and I was wrapped. I found out director Frankie Heagle had actually seen me in the short film BRIARWOOD a few years earlier, which planted the seeds for me being here. I had a good time and and the cast / crew were great to work with. Looking forward to seeing the final cut and hope it does well. Pics can be seen on my Acting page on Facebook.


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11/3/2018-ACTING-“The Last Rites of Van Helsing” Now Online

Here’s the full silent, black & white short film “The Last Rites of Van Helsing” staring Mickey Ray as Dr. Van Helsing & Mark Dickinson as the Vampire DeBlood. I make a cameo appearance as Count Dracula. This follows right after “Bataille de Sang.” Like Bataille, this is an ode to the silent, black and white films of yesteryear. The film starts at the 18:40 mark…

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10/21/2018-ACTING-Second Day Filming on “She Dances With Matches”

-10/19/2018-Second day of filming on the horror short film “She Dances With Matches.” Directed by Frankie Heagle. I play the role of Roy in this. Call was at 10:45 AM and we basically got started right away. We picked up where we left off and kept going till we finished the scene. It actually took longer for the makeup and FX to be done than actual filming. Pants didn’t rip this time so that was good 🙂 My first time unmasked and everyone can see what I look like when I don’t have my foundation on 🙂 The last scene I’m in should be in a few weeks and pretty much indoors so looking forward to cranking this out (and hopefully I don’t injure anyone or myself).

Check out more pictures and the first day recap on my Acting page on Facebook via the following link


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10/18/2018-ACTING-Kinney Drugs Commercial From 2017 Appears Online

This is a commercial I was involved in for KINNEY DRUGS from 2017. I was just a background extra in this and there are two brief moments where you can see me in the background (the ponytail gives it away plus the shirt from the thumbnail I used for this). This video was filmed by SOLON QUINN STUDIOS. I got this job thru AMS MODELS & TALENT.

Please feel free to like / share / comment / subscribe to my You Tube page. A LOT more stuff will be posted there in the future.

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10/6/2018-ACTING-First Day Filming on “She Dances With Matches”

-I was initially contacted for acting in a short film called “She Dances with Matches” (Originally called “Hex”) by director Frankie Heagle via my Backstage.com profile a few months back. We discussed the particulars and how it’s actually the tail end of a much larger feature film that he’ll be looking to get financing on in the future. Whether that means me returning for that that or not is unknown. I had a preliminary meeting with him and gave him my ideas on my “look” and then went about turning that into a reality as well as getting ready overall.

-10/6/2018-The first day of filming was out in Sterling, NY with a call time of 6 AM. I found out real quick that running while wearing that mask wasn’t the easiest thing to do 🙂 I also accidentally ripped my pants right in the middle-to where by the end of filming this day I could put my fist thru it. Good thing I’m not one of those guys that likes to go commando underneath their pants or this would’ve been a very different type of film (HA!) 🙂 It was a fun time and Frankie has a good cast / crew with him. Unfortunately, it started to rain as we approached the halfway mark of my scenes outside so we’ll have to re-schedule to finish that part off. I did get the pants repaired so that was good. This next time I believe there will be some FX makeup on my face so it should be interesting.

-Pics can be seen on my Acting page on Facebook.


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