12/15/2020-ACTING-Update on “Zillafoot”

-This is a film I was in along with Cassandra Hayes, Jeff Kirkendall , and others. Nice to see that it’s getting an official release – I played the role of Dr. Mosku in this. It’s actually one of my favorite roles because not only was I playing out of my “type” but this was all done in “English Dub” ( Think of the dialogue in all those old Saturday generic kung-fu movies) so that added to all the fun 🙂 The following is a message from Ron Bonk from SRS CINEMA LLC

Hello all, would you like to be part of a kaiju movie?!First, check out this amazing art! Years ago, we produced “Zilla Foot” which some of you may have caught on our Vimeo channel. It’s just under 1 hour and with its quick ending, basically unfinished. Plans were to shoot a wraparound, something akin to the Americanized version of “Godzilla vs King King”, however those plans have never materialized… until now. We are currently working on a new cut of the movie plus added footage to pad it out, with a brand new release starting in Feb 2021, and you can be a part of that!We’re looking for volunteers interested in shooting short segments to be inserted into the feature – some are basic ideas (such as podcast, phone recordings, etc), some are a little more involved (maybe some costumes, set decoration, but still not too complicated). We presents ideas/suggestions, and if we’re in agreement, you write what you want, shoot it how you want, etc. The requirements would be 2k or higher footage, with solid sound, delivered via digital download. Interested? Drop me an email to discuss. Spots are limited. Thanks!

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11/17/2020-PETS-Happy Birthday Five-Paw!

It’s been a year today since we brought Five-Paw into our family and, since we do not know the actual date, we decided that this was now his birthday 😊🎂🐱 He’s basically 11 years old now and spending a lot of his time chillaxin. Happy Birthday Five-Paw! (Pic from 10/18)

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11/6/2020-THINKING-One Year Has Passed…

-It’s been one year now since you left on November 6, 2019. It’s hard for me to comprehend this day even ever coming to pass…It’s an old saying, but it seems like it was only yesterday while at the same time feeling like it was a lifetime ago-and in some ways, it IS like a lifetime went by because, in my opinion, when the death of someone you loved so much happens, you go thru changes. While there are parts of your past life that stay with you (and always will), there are now sections that are just…gone…and / or transformed… One enters a new stage, whether you want to or not. In some ways I feel like I was fortunate to stay in the “gear” that I was in for so long. Now, the person I was even two years ago, let alone five or more years, feels like a stranger to me in so many ways…

-It’s hard for me to put into words how I actually feel cause I’m not exactly sure how to describe it. I guess the closest I can get is to say that there’s this emptiness inside of me now. I mean, I kind of had that within me for decades. Some people may know that I go to battle with depression from time to time – and sometimes those wars become rather intense, but this is different. Most of my depressions stem from things that have happened in the past (like relationships) and / or frustrations that I’m currently going thru, but all that pales in comparison to this. I’m sure there’s a lot of factors adding up to how I currently feel. Obviously the main one is the loss of you Dad, but there are other contributing factors. With the benefit of 2020 hindsight, for example, I know that my life, overall, has (more often than not) been on a decline since 2013. I have had to deal with a lot of issues, like most people, but I wasn’t able to recover from some major ones before the next “wave” hit and, as a result due to those “waves” hitting again and again, the “good ship WWJ” is taking on more and more water due to all the holes in its hull. I’ve been able to patch up some of them, but so far it’s all baby steps. Sometimes I take a step forward, but end up taking one or more steps back. Some of these “holes’ I feel I’ll never be able to patch up. Aging isn’t helping and my Sarcoidosis (Sarco) really made its presence known this year. I definitely had to change a number of things in my life just to make it thru the day, whether I wanted to or not. I have to make sure Mom and the cats are taken care of. It’s funny-it’s like I now have an “instant family” which I’m still learning how to deal with on a daily basis. So much has changed…

-I think there are some things that have happened in this past year that you would’ve been proud of me doing Dad, while simultaneously being frustrated at the number of things I should’ve resolved by now. Unfortunately, between advancing age, Sarco, my “wonderful” work schedule and some choices that I’ve had to make – I’m currently bogged down to a large degree in several areas. I AM working my way out of the quagmire, albeit one tenacious baby step at a time. The pace just adds to my frustrations, but even just one foot forward at a time helps. The “hurry up and wait” credo from acting has helped me here more often than not. Peace of mind has also become a priority and helps in holding back the waves of overwhelm at times…

-Mom is doing OK. The good days outweigh the bad-which has reversed from the beginning of the year more or less. Having said that, there are times when it’s just like when you were here- and even, at times, surges even worse for a time. You know the situation… Things have come a long way, but still have even further to go. We didn’t even celebrate Thanksgiving or Christmas last year but this time we will, albeit to a much, much lesser degree. She misses you so much-as do I. Scruffy is still being a little brat at times, but is still overall a lovable chubster. I’m sure he misses you deeply-as do we all. I wish you would’ve been here when we brought in Five-Paw; I think you would’ve gotten along great with him-as well as be happy that Mom finally has her own “cat. ” Having said that, she still tries to boss both cats around at times. You know how things were and still are…

-It’s funny, when your birthday arrived I was planning on writing here but decided to wait till the anniversary of your passing. Having said that, it still took me weeks to finally have the time to finish and post this (11/26/20-Thanksgiving-to be exact). I don’t really have any days off, per se, and have pretty much been going non-stop with very little “true” rest since you passed to make sure that Mom and the cats are taken care of. I know that, even with all you were going thru in the hospital, your thoughts were on me and Mom doing well and being able to get thru things right to the end. Now, that torch has been passed on to me… Some days I feel like I’m doing OK. Other days I struggle and still other days I feel like I’m on the verge of imploding…

-I have to say that I’m glad you didn’t have to go thru all the Covid-19, masks, social distancing, lock downs and political stuff in 2020. I’m sure all of that would’ve been quite stressful for you. Having said that, I still wish you were here. I wish things were different, but they’re not and never will be. I don’t know if I’ll be doing an entry like this in the following years-I’m still being quite protective of you and Mom as much as I can and I’m still not 100% sure I should be writing this-much less posting it online. So many things are changing… I don’t even know if the world as we now know it will be even here a year from now. There’s just so much hatred, disinformation, tension and division in the world right now. All I do know is that I will keep trying to make life good for Mom and the cats-as well as doing my best to living up to your standards. One step at a time. One day at a time. I miss you so much Dad. I wish I could talk to you and get your input on so many things. Perhaps one day…

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11/5/2020 – INTERVIEWS – Last Day of Filming on “Tales of Dracula: Dracula Meets The Wolfman”

Here’s a little interview I did with Mark Dickinson from The Horror Of It All while on my last day of filming on Tales of Dracula: Dracula Meets The Wolfman. Mark also got interviews with Joe DeMuro, Ron Chamberlain and more…Also, after the interview is a slideshow of some behind the scene pics as well as a mini-teaser for Tales 2…Thanks Mark! \m/

Running Time – 6:05 minutes

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11/01/2020-ACTING-Last Day Filming (10/24/20) on “Tales of Dracula: Dracula Meets The Wolfman”

-It’s a little over a week ago, but I finally made the time to do my recap on my last day filming on TALES OF DRACULA: Dracula Meets The Wolfman” from 10/24/2020. It’s been about a year since we last filmed. Obviously delays occurred mainly due to Covid-19, but we finally got this all done.

-I got up quite early for this and headed out towards the Binghamton area in the early morning. It had been raining before and, since one of the main scenes involved being outside in a graveyard, I was really hoping the rain would hold out till we got done filming. Imagine my surprise when I arrived to find out that the graveyard was all inside of a building to simulate being outside. No rain to worry about. That was awesome and made things much less stressful. The only thing was the building was near a highway so most if not all the dialog said this day has to be redone via ADR. Unlike a lot of actors in the CNY area, I love doing ADR and look forward to doing it. So while this was my “last day” filming, it’s not my final day with the film.

-The first step after arrival was getting into costume. For some reason, I didn’t think there was a pair of pants there for me so I brought my own. Can you imagine me as Dracula with no pants? Isn’t that Von Helsing’s (Mickey Ray) job? (HA!) 🙂 Following that was getting made up by acclaimed horror make-up artist Ron Chamberlain. It seemed to go a little faster than before but, as he himself told me, he has put on Dracula make-up on me so much he could do it in his sleep. One nice addition I brought were almost-prescription strength FX contacts. No more being led around the sets by others for me 🙂 They fit very well and caused no problems. It was then time to meet new cast members as well as talking with past members, catching up on various things. So much can happen in a year’s time. I was also taking some pics of the set-which looked great. I actually didn’t take as many pics as many would expect. Maybe I’m just getting old…

-Then came time for filming, which for the most part went smoothly. I didn’t change my lines too much and the ones I did didn’t mess with scripty too much (HA!) There was a fight scene which I can’t describe but I can say too awhile cause while there was a framework, it took time to flesh it out so to speak. As per normal for me on set, I did get slight injured-a scrape on my right hand-as well as me almost going thru the wall at the top of the stairs cause I forgot it wasn’t a real wall. I also did a stunt that some of the people involved weren’t prepared for my intensity but what happens on set stays on set right? 🙂 Also, FYI-when it comes to the Dracula cape, there’s usually two (one that is normal and the other with wooden poles on the end so as to help when Dracula “spreads his wings” so to speak. Unfortunately, all we had was the one with the poles and during on take of the fight one of those poles jammed into my shoulder. OUCH! :O It was just a “flesh wound” and just walked it off 🙂

-From leaving my home to getting back there lasted 19-20 hours total (!). It’s all worth it though and I really miss it since this year I’ve hardly done any acting-mainly due to Covid-19 as well as personal issues. It was great working with everyone and I think people will enjoy this film even more than the first. Director Joe DeMuro has said that this is the last “Tales of Dracula” film to be made. He has also mentioned that there might be a “Tales of Dracula 3.” I hope there is and that I still can bring it on set to be a part of it.

Below is a link to the pics from last weekend. After that is a link to the pics from the 2019 shoot. Enjoy



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10/6/2020 – R.I.P. – Eddie Van Halen

-On 10/6/2020, I was taking my last break on my “regular” job, sat down and took a look on Facebook via my phone. I was in shock to see that Guitar Hero Eddie Van Halen had died. An added shock was seeing virtually my entire Facebook time line covered with posts from people reporting and / or reacting from the news. This lasted for hours and I’d never seen anything like it for any celebrity that I can remember.

-Eddie Van Halen influenced so many guitarists in various degrees – including myself – although initially it was thru a guitarist that Eddie had influenced, Bruce Kulick who was at the time playing guitar in KISS. I started to work on tapping on the guitar thru Bruce, but shortly found my way to his influence with it-Eddie. I was just amazed how technical his playing was, yet played with such fluidity and ease. Having said that, I didn’t start learning to play VAN HALEN songs, with one exception, for the longest time. There was something about his playing that was very appealing to me and yet, in a weird way, it was almost like I shouldn’t attempt to mimic it cause it’s his. I know that sounds strange but I don’t know how to really explain it right now so…The exception was the song “Ain’t Talkin’ Bout Love” – which I played while in the band Front Row. Some of those shows, singer Jay Hatch (Hamilton) would introduce the song by saying that the song started with “Wayne Van Halen” – which was a very nice compliment that, even to this day, I don’t feel I live up to. I have worked on some other Van Halen tunes here and there, but I currently don’t know too many. However, there are a number of CAROLINE BLUE songs that incorporate tapping, all of which are nods to both Bruce and Eddie.

-While I really like a number of Van Halen songs, there’s three that really stand out and I’ll showcase them a little here. The first one is “Unchained.” Outside of “Over The Mountain” (OZZY OSBOURNE) and “Creatures of the Night” (KISS), there’s no other song that, if I’m driving and it comes on, I immediately crank up the volume. I’ve probably help blow a speaker or two due to this 🙂 Just a great, powerful song.

-The second is “I’ll Wait” – which I remember hearing a lot in my high school years. Everyone else was into “Jump,” “Panama” or “Hot For Teacher” and I like those too-but there’s something about this song that really brings me back to those high school days. I’m a memory guy so that just adds to why I love the song.

-The third song could easily be one of my theme songs for 2020 – “Where Have All The Good Times Gone.” It just seems to sum up what I’ve been feeling for the last several years-but particularly last year and this year.

-I’m writing this almost a month after he passed away and it still seems strange-at least to me-to be in a world where Eddie Van Halen is no longer alive in it. I believe there are many who feel the same way. Like Prince, he has supposedly have huge scores of music in a “vault” which I heard his estate and label are working for possible release after it gets sorted and reviewed. It’s been said so many times but it’s true-while many can imitate him, and some even surpassing him in terms of technique- there’s only one Eddie Van Halen.

R.I.P. Eddie…

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9/21/2020-ACTING-15 Indie Horror Movies Your MUST Watch!

Here’s a video made by Ray Marek III (RayZor) from THE HORROR SYNDICATE on 15 Indie Horror Films you MUST watch. On the list is NIGHT OF SOMETHING STRANGE, where I play Cornelius, a lonely janitor looking for love (HA!) 🙂 Ray also gave both me and actor Trey Harrison a shout-out as well, which is much appreciated. In addition, two that didn’t make the list, but were honorable mentions were SHE KILLS and “Empire State of the Dead” – both by SRS CINEMA LLC. Enjoy!

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