The following are Interviews that I have done that have been lucky enough (or not) to be on video šŸ™‚

A WEEK IN THE LIFE-EPISODE 11-3/9/2016-Cazenovia, NY

-TRIVIA-This interview was originally set up to be a co-interview with Matthew A. Peters of MAD ANGEL FILMS, but he couldn’t make it so WWJ went solo šŸ™‚

-This video can be seen on the VIDEOS page

THE HORROR OF IT ALL-4/24/2015-Binghamton, NY

-This video can be seen on the VIDEOS page

-TRIVIA-This interview is part of a set of interviews done by Mark Dickinson with various cast and crew members of the film “Tales of Dracula” at the cast & crew premiere. The segment with me was taken right after we had all finished watching the movie.

TALES OF DRACULA (Wolfbain Productions)-7/27/2014-Great Bend, PA

-This video can be seen on the VIDEOS page

TRIVIA-This was originally filmed during my last day of filming with “Tales of Dracula” on 7/27/2014.The actually interview was around 20-30 minutes, mainly due to me being a “tad” long-winded šŸ™‚ Whether the entire interview will ever see the light of day is unknown.

PICKLE TALK-EPISODE ONE-5/22/2012-Utica, NY (Mad Angel Films)

-This interview can be seen on the VIDEOS page.

-TRIVIA-This was done the same day I’d finished filming for “Half Dead.” I was beat and was still hurting from an injury during a fight scene earlier that day. For no particular reason I decided to not only stay dressed up as “Vox” but also to stay in character. All the replies are 100% improv-just reacting to Melissa’s questions… šŸ™‚


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